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A Valiant Read #7: X-O Manowar: Homecoming

A Valiant Read #7: X-O Manowar: Homecoming

We’re back for another edition of A Valiant Read, where we cover great jumping-on points for reading the Valiant Universe. For lucky number #7, we return to X-O Manowar to explore the ins and outs of X-O Manowar Volume 4: Homecoming.

Valiant's 4001 A.D. Reading Order Guide.

Valiant’s 4001 AD Reading Order Guide

As comic events can sometimes be a bit confusing, I’ve created the 4001 A.D. Reading Order Guide. This handy guide not only gives you a reading order but also lists the creative teams, release dates and tie-ins involved for this futuristic event.

Read 8-Page Sneak Peek Stories for Green Arrow, Starfire, Prez, Midnighter and More

DC Comics is releasing 8-page original stories featuring the new series and jumping on points in June. This will give people a taste of what’s to come and help them decide if these comics appeal to them. This week features stories for Detective Comics, Doomed, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Red Hood/Arsenal, Midnighter, Section Eight, The Omega Men, Prez and Starfire.

Green Lantern: Godhead Reading Order Checklist

Green Lantern: Godhead Reading Order Checklist

It’s Green Lanterns vs New Gods in the latest Green Lantern crossover, Godhead. I have created a Green Lantern: Godshead reading order checklist which gives the recommended reading order plus all the release dates and creative teams.

Green Lantern Lights Out Reading Order Checklist

Green Lantern Lights Out is the big Green Lantern crossover in October. We have created a reading order checklist, with all the titles you need to read as well as the order and release dates to make everything easy.