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2000 AD Sci-Fi Special 2020 Celebrates 20 Years Of The Rebellion Era [REVIEW]

Published on 24 Jun, 2020 by

This year’s Sci-Fi Special is retrospective that celebrates twenty years of the Rebellion era. It comes with nine stories in total, that are a mixture of classic reprints and brand-new ones looking back at much-loved characters and tales. Read on to find out more about this 100-page special’s contents and why it is a great taster for those new to 2000 AD.

REVIEW: Doctor Who: The Seventh Doctor #1 - Operation Volcano
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REVIEW: Doctor Who: The Seventh Doctor #1 – Operation Volcano

Published on 6 Jun, 2018 by

Anyone with the scantest of knowledge of Doctor Who history will know that Sylvester McCoy’s Seventh Doctor was the final incarnation of the character for the Classic Series. To suggest, however, that the character was the death knell for the series is an oversimplification of the various political machinations that led to its decline and eventual cancellation in 1989.

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