Ghost Rider

22 Marvel Jumping On Points For November 2016

To save some confusion I’ve collated 22 comics that are great places to start reading Marvel in November 2016. Read on to discover which comics you can jump into this month and learn to love the Marvel Universe.

Starlight #1 cover by Goran Parlov. Image Comics. Mark Millar

13 New Comic Series to Look Out For in March 2014

Almost every week there is a new comic book series released that is dying for your attention on the racks. I take a look at what is coming up in March 2014 and have spotlighted 13 new comic series that I believe should get your attention this month.

PREVIEW: Thunderbolts #20.NOW – Enter Ghost Rider

Thunderbolts #20.NOW acts as a great jumping on point for anyone who has wanted to read the team of reformed villains. As well as acting as a jumping on point the issue introduces Ghost Rider to the team. Take a look at the covers and a four page preview of this issue.