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The Kamandi Challenge Reading Guide

The Kamandi Challenge Reading Guide

Throughout 2017 DC Comics will be paying tribute to the great Jack Kirby with The Kamandi Challenge. This special miniseries, bursting with some of comics’ best creatives, will bring the long dormant Kamandi comic series back in a very interesting manner. So you can have everything in order I have created the The Kamandi Challenge Reading Guide. This simple guide gives you everything you need to know from release dates to creative teams and more.

Giant Sized Little Marvel: AvX #1 cover by Skottie Young.

The Comics You Should Read This June 2015

After a short break from this column, the monthly comics you should read list is back! This June I showcase all kinds of comics featuring ancient dinosaurs, plants that fight zombies, everyone’s favourite space tree, a long distance relationship, 1990’s nostalgia and much more!

Convergence promo image by Carlo Pagulayan and Jose Marzan Jr.

Convergence Reading Order Guide

To avoid confusion and to make things simple for all readers I have created a Reading Order Guide for DC Comics’ upcoming Convergence event. I’ve included everything you need to know about the event including background, all the tie-ins, creative teams and release dates.

Amazing X-Men #1 by Ed McGuinness - My Top 10 Comics News From SDCC

My Top 10 Comics News From SDCC

SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) is now over and has left plenty of news to discuss. From news coming out of the Big 2 to the much smaller publishers, here are my top 10 comic related news pieces from SDCC in no particular order.