Superman: Doomed #1 by Ken Lashley.

Superman: Doomed Reading Order Checklist – UPDATED

Superman goes up against the toughest villain he has ever had to face, Doomsday, in the upcoming crossover – Superman: Doomed. Crossovers can be confusing, so I have created a Superman: Doomed reading order checklist to help guide you through. This checklist not only gives the preferred reading order, but also lists the release dates for each issue.

Flash #23.2: Reverse Flash. Villains Month DC Comics 2013

DC Comics’ Villains Month Guide – Part 3

Part 3 of our look into DC Comics’ Villains Month. We look at more villain titles, including plenty of Flash and Green Lantern villains, along with many others, and let you know who they are and what makes them so villainous.

15 Superman Stories You Should Read.

13 Superman Stories You Should Read

As it’s the 75th Anniversary of Superman this year and with the upcoming release of Man of Steel it is time to shine the spotlight on the Superman Stories you should read. Many classic stories from a variety of creators and eras.