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Let's Take A Look At The First Archie Story

Let’s Take A Look At The First Archie Story

With the Archie turning 80 this year, it’s a great opportunity to look back at the first story. We’ll dig through the story, taking a look at what the characters were like back then, how they’ve changed since, and how this story inspired future ones.

Mini Review Round Up: July Edition

Every month I like to do a compilation of mini reviews for comics that are new reader friendly. This July we see a wide range of comics featured including odd crossovers, rebooted teenagers, Canada at war with the US, wild west heroes, 90s nostalgia, TV talk show antics and much more.

PREVIEW: Archie #1 - Riverdale Has Been Rebooted For a New Generation.

PREVIEW: Archie #1 – Riverdale Has Been Rebooted For a New Generation

After 75 years of publication Archie is being rebooted for a new generation. This rebooted series will strip back the Archie gang to their core and rebuild them with fresh, modern, takes. Behind it all is the superstar creative team of Mark Waid and Fiona Staples, which makes this even more exciting! Read on to find more about this rebooted series as well as read a four page preview.

Sonic Boom #1 cover by Patrick Spaziante. Sonic the Hedgehog. Archie Comics.

PREVIEW: Sonic Boom #1 – Racing into a Comic Store Near You

With the a new video game and animated series that aim to revamp Sonic the Hedgehog for a new era, Archie Comics will release Sonic Boom #1 this week. This fun new comic series will be in the approach of the revamped Sonic the Hedgehog, which will still feature plenty of action but also have a comedic bend to it. Take a peek at the humour filled preview for this debut issue.