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How To Organise Your Comic Book Collection

How To Organise Your Comic Book Collection

Comic book collections, big or small, can get out of hand and require some organising. I’ve recently organised my own collection and have made all the mistakes so you don’t have to. Through my experience I’ve imparted my wisdom so you can organise your collection effectively and efficiently.

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The 5 Best Websites For Discovering Webcomics

I have put together a list of the 5 best websites for discovering webcomics. I’ve tried to make this list as diverse as possible, giving you access to a wide range of creators, themes, genres, perspectives and ideas. As a result, you should discover tens, or even hundreds, of webcomics for you to follow, binge and enjoy.

How To Get Your Friends And Family Into Comics.

How To Get Your Friends And Family Into Comics

Whether you’ve been into then for years or only a short time, comics are always better when you share them with the people close to you. This has inspired me to create this easy guide in order to help you get your friends, family and even co-workers into the wonderful medium of comics in a few simple steps. Follow these steps and in no time at all you’ll be converting the non-believers and the uninitiated in droves and have a new hobby to share with those close to you.

Print Or Digital: Which Format Should You Read Comics In?

Should I read comics in print or digitally? It’s a question that I’ve received many times throughout the life of How to Love Comics and one that there’s no clear cut answer to. Everyone has their preference and reason why print or digital is their chosen format. To help you decide what format you should chose I have listed the pros and cons of each. Will it be be print or digital? Read on to find out!

What are comic book solicitations?

What Are Comic Book Solicitations?

If you’ve checked out comic book blogs, news sites or podcasts you might’ve come across the term solicitations. But what are they? I’ll let you know what they’re all about, how they can be useful and go through the anatomy of one.


Why Zines are a Great Way to Enjoy Comics

Inspired by a recent visit to a zine fair, I let you know why zines are a great way to enjoy comics – especially for those who are not so much into mainstream comics. Read on to discover how.

Shonen? Josei? The Manga Demographics Explained

Shonen? Josei? The Manga Demographics Explained

I discuss the four distinct manga demographics – shonen, shojo, seinen and josei – pointing out the different characteristics in each. Additionally, I point readers in the direction of popular titles in each demographic.

How To Combat Comic Store Rudeness

If you have experienced comic store rudeness we have come up with a variety of ways in which you can combat the elitist gate-keeping, disinterest and general rudeness.