Howtoons: (Re)Igintion #2 cover by Tom Fowler.
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INTERVIEW: Talking Howtoons: (Re)Ignition with Fred Van Lente

Published on 21 Jul, 2014 by

When Celine and Tucker wake up to find that their parents are missing they must use all their DIY know-how to find them in this strange new world, ravaged by a ecological disaster. I had a chat with Howtoons: (Re)Ignition writer Fred Van Lente about this miniseries including how he got involved and how DIY science projects will be incorporated into this all-ages narrative.

Undertow #4 cover
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INTERVIEW: Talking Undertow With Steve Orlando

Published on 21 May, 2014 by

Set in a world where Atlantis is a superpower, Undertow tells the story of a group of Atlantians who have set themselves free from the system. I was luck enough to have a chat with the writer – Steve Orlando – and chatted about world-building, the grey elements that come along with fighting for freedom and the appeal of setting a story set underwater.

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