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The Fantastic Cash-Grab: How Marvel Briefly Replaced the Fantastic Four With Their Bestselling Heroes

For a hot second, the Fantastic Four were replaced with Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, The Hulk, and Wolverine – the hottest characters of the time. Josh Socher explores this story and ponders if it was a cash-grab or not.

The 3 Best DC Comics Rebirth Relaunches

The DC Comics Rebirth is in full swing, and some titles have benefitted greatly from DC’s relaunch. These titles that are not only extremely fun reads, but major improvements over their predecessors.

PREVIEW: Aquaman Get Political in "Aquaman #1"

PREVIEW: Aquaman Gets Political In ‘Aquaman #1’

Aquaman tries to make Atlantis part of the modern world with the help of Mera in Aquaman #1. Read on to find out more about this issue and read some preview pages.

PREVIEW: Parenthood Is Superman's Greatest Challenge In Superman #1

PREVIEW: Parenthood Is Superman’s Greatest Challenge In Superman #1

Superman is about to face his most difficult enemy to date: Parenthood. Will he survive his son’s developing powers? Read a sneak preview inside of the new Superman #1.

PREVIEW: Oliver Queen Takes Aim In Green Arrow #1

PREVIEW: Oliver Queen Takes Aim In Green Arrow #1

Creative duo Benjamin Percy and Otto Schmidt are back to continue the story that was set up in Green Arrow: Rebirth #1. Take a look at a sneak peek of this issue inside.