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Fantastic Four #1: The Odd Genesis Of The Marvel Universe

Let’s take a look at 1961’s Fantastic Four #1, which was not only the first Fantastic Four comic but the start of the Marvel Universe as we know it.

Fantastic Adventure: Join Us In Exploring 60 Years Of Fantastic Four

In 2021 Marvel’s first family turns 60. To celebrate, How to Love Comics will be exploring their long history with articles throughout the year.

7 Scarlet Witch Stories You Should Read

With WandaVision hitting Disney+, it’s never been a better time to read Scarlet Witch comics. The following list is a mixture of classics, fan-favourites, and curiosities for your reading pleasure.

Let’s Take A Look At Wonder Woman’s First Appearance

What was Wonder Woman like in her first appearance? Let’s go back 80 years to take a look.

A Year Of Wonder: Celebrating 80 Years Of Wonder Woman

Find out how How to Love Comics will be celebrating Wonder Woman’s 80th anniversary throughout 2021.

DC’s Infinite Frontier: Everything Thing You Need To Know About This New Era Of DC Comics

Find out everything you need to know about Infinite Frontier in this comprehensive guide. It covers what it is, the comics involved, how DC is doing things differently, and much more.

2000 AD Prog 2212: A 100-Page Jumping-On Point [Review]

The final 2000 AD for 2020 is an extra-large issue that full of great places to start reading. Read on to find out why.

House of M: Revisiting The Alternate World That Inspired WandaVision

With WandaVision coming soon, it’s never been a better time to revisit the 2005 comic book event House of M.

House of M Reading Order Checklist

Due to its inspiration on the WandaVision Disney+ series, there has been renewed interest in House of M. If you’re one of the many who are interested in reading this classic event, this reading order guide is what you need to help make sense of everything.

Jason Aaron’s Wolverine Reading Order Guide

It can be hard to piece together Jason Aaron’s long Wolverine run. So you don’t have to rack your brain trying to figure it all out, I have put together this handy reading order.

How To Start Reading The Hilda Graphic Novels [Guide + Reading Order]

This guide has everything you need to start reading the wonderful Hilda graphic novels that the Netflix series are based on.

Your Guide To The Shaman King Manga And Its Spin-Offs

This guide will help you get start reading the Shaman King manga series by explaining the different editions and spin-offs.

Reign of X: Everything You Need To Know About The Next Stage Of X-Men Comics

Find out everything you need to know about Reign of X. This guide explains what it is, which comics are involved, what you need to know beforehand, and points out the good jumping-on points for new readers.

Justice League: Endless Winter Reading Order Checklist

Crossovers can be confusing. Luckily, the Justice League: Endless Winter Reading Order is here to make reading easy. Not only does it have the recommended reading order, but also other helpful information such as release dates, creative teams, and more.

4 Ways To Enjoy Newspaper Comic Strips Without Reading The Newspaper

You don’t need to read the newspaper to enjoy your favourite comic strips. Read on to find out how.