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Hi, and welcome to How to Love Comics – the website that exists to create new comic book readers and help those just starting out.

There’s a misconception that comics are difficult to get into. How to Love Comics proves that it’s much easier than you think. Every article on the site intends to cut the confusion with tips, reading recommendations and other resources. How to Love Comics also shines the spotlight on as many amazing examples of the medium as possible. Through this website you’ll unearth comic books you love and become a life-long fan.

That’s not to say that if you’re not new to comics you won’t find How to Love Comics of any value. How to Love Comics caters to you too! There’s heaps of guides and reading orders which will benefit readers of all vintages.

All the comics discussed on How to Love Comics are new reader friendly. This means you can pick them up and not be completely confused when you read them. How to Love Comics endeavours to make sure whatever is recommend is in print so you can track them down.

Through How to Love Comics you’ll learn that comic books are a unique and amazing art form. In no time you’ll be loving comics as much as I, and countless others, do.


Who Is How to Love Comics?

How to Love Comics is me, Trevor Van As.

When I’m not standing in front of squiggly lines you can find me reading comics, hanging out with a greyhound, discovering new music or eating yoghurt. I work in marketing and have a background in multimedia, both of which come in handy in the day to day of the site.

I manage 99% of the website from writing (apart from the occasional guest writer), web development, social media and marketing. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it. If you want to help out feel free to contact me.

Feel free to hit me up on Twitter.

Keep Up To Date With How To Love Comics

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Where Do I Start With How to Love Comics?

Like most websites and website there’s no one place to start with How to Love Comics, but below are some good entry points based on a with range of topics.

How Do I Get Into Comics? – A Simple Guide For Those New To Comics

If you’re brand new to comics and have absolutely no idea how to get into them then this guide will set you on the right path.

How To Get Your Friends And Family Into Comics

Looking to get your friends or family into comics, but not sure how to approach it? There’s a guide for that.

Reading Recommendations

How to Love Comics have hundreds of reading recommendations to sink your teeth into. Popular recommendation topics include Marvel, DC Comics, Webcomics and Indie Comics.

If browsing is not your style here are some of the more specific reading recommendation columns that are featured on the website.

Monthly Should Read List

At the start of every month How to Love Comics collates some of new comics that should be on your radar.

Jumping On Points: Marvel and DC Comics

How to Love Comics also has two monthly columns which highlights the comics which act as great jumping on points for both Marvel and DC Comics.

The Megalist of Comic Book Should Read Lists

Are you looking for the best stories of a certain character? If so, here’s a collection of all the should read lists int he one place.

Comic Book Tips

How to Love Comics also has a heap of comic book tips to make the hobby even easier.

Where Can I Buy Comic Books?

If you’re interested in reading comics but have no idea where to buy them then this guide is for you.

Glossary of Comic Book Terms

Sometimes comic book terms can sound like another language. Think of this glossary as the Rosetta Stone of comic book terms to help make sense of it all.

Print Or Digital: Which Format Should You Read Comics In?

This article weighs up the pros and cons of reading comics in print or digital formats to help you make a decision.

Get In Touch

Do you need to get in touch with How to Love Comics? You can do so here.

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Sign-up to the newsletter

Don’t miss out on our email newsletter full of comics recommendations, lists, reading orders, tips and more.