Everything You Need To Know About X-Men: From The Ashes
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Everything You Need To Know About X-Men: From The Ashes

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At the time of writing this, the X-Men comics are winding down on the Krakoa Era. Launched under the guidance of writer Jonathan Hickman, it was an exciting period for X-Men comics that introduced many radical ideas and recontextualised existing ones to create something new for Marvel’s mutants. It was a big success, being very popular with the passionate fanbase and critics alike.

However, all good things must eventually come to an end. And with that, Marvel is beginning to gear up for what’s next – X-Men: From The Ashes. As announced at Marvel’s SXSW panel, the new line of X-Men comics will begin from July 2024 onwards, ushering in a new era spearheaded by editor Tom Brevoort.

Find out all about X-Men: From The Ashes with this extensive guide. It includes details on all the comics involved and answers plenty of questions about the new line.


Many details for X-Men: From The Ashes are yet to be revealed. This guide will be updated regularly to include these when they’re made available. I suggest bookmarking this page so it can be referenced back to later.

Is X-Men: From The Ashes a reboot?

X-Men: From The Ashes is not a reboot. A reboot implies that everything established is wiped clean and that it’s a new start. Instead, X-Men: From The Ashes is a relaunch that moves the X-Men comics in a new direction while keeping history intact.

Will X-Men: From The Ashes be a good place to start reading X-Men comics?

Yes. This period of X-Men shifts the comics in a new direction. As a result, there are brand new stories to jump on with.

Do I need to have read the Krakoa Era?

As mentioned in the introduction, the Kraoka Era was the preceding period of X-Men comics. As a result, you might be wondering if you should be reading that first before starting any of the comics that are part of the X-Men: From The Ashes.

The answer to that is no. It won’t necessary to read the Krakoa Era beforehand. While there may be some references to it, especially regarding its conclusion and the conflict with Orchis, the new line of comics will be more concerned with what happens next.

Check out this extensive guide to learn more if you’re curious about reading the Krakoa Era.

I’m confused about an element of X-Men. How can I find out more?

X-Men comics have a lot of moving parts. There are so many characters and concepts that have been introduced over the years. Some of them may be familiar, while some may be more obscure. This might be confusing if you’re a new reader or someone who has been away from X-Men for a while.

I wouldn’t worry too much. Even fans who have been reading X-Men for a long time can find it confusing. In some ways, it’s part of the fun trying to figure out and remember aspects of the long-running mutant soap opera.

You’ve got two options when it comes to figuring things out.

The first is to go with the flow. Modern comics are good at getting readers up to speed with summary/recap pages and how they’re scripted. You’ll figure it out as you go along.

The other option is to boot up Wikipedia or the Marvel Fandom Wiki. Almost every character has their own page. A quick scan through the relevant pages should give you the gist of what you need to know. However, I wouldn’t worry about going too deep into the minutia as it’s often unnecessary and can be very convoluted for some characters.

What does “From The Ashes” mean?

It’s not the first time Marvel has used the term “from the ashes” concerning the X-Men. The publisher released a trade paperback collection called “X-Men: From The Ashes” in 1990 – reprinting it multiple times over the years. This collection focused on a stretch of issues in Chris Claremont and Paul Smith’s run on Uncanny X-Men. While several stories are explored in these, one plot point is the potential return of Dark Phoenix – the persona of Jean Grey went by when she was possessed by the Phoenix Force – with the title referencing that.

However, I believe that Marvel is using the title for another reason. The publisher likes to reuse titles where possible. Sometimes, to evoke something from the past or tone. I believe this is used not so much to reference the Phoenix Force or similar concepts but to describe it as a period of rebirth for the X-Men comics after the Krakoa Era. Most of the concepts and ideas from that period have come crashing down spectacularly, leaving the X-Men to build something new in the wake of it.

X-Men: From The Ashes promo image by Ryan Stegman.
X-Men: From The Ashes promo image by Ryan Stegman.

What comics are part of X-Men: From The Ashes?

Below are all the comics that are known to be part of X-Men: From The Ashes. This includes the three core series (X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, and Exceptional X-Men), a Free Comic Book Day teaser, and a batch of comics that were revealed in logo-form only.

Please note: I will be adding more details for all the titles and adding more as information is made available.

Free Comic Book Day: Blood Hunt/X-Men #1 cover by Kael Ngu.
Free Comic Book Day: Blood Hunt/X-Men #1 cover by Kael Ngu.

Free Comic Book Day: Blood Hunt/X-Men

Written by Jed MacKay and Gail Simone. Art by Sara Pichelli and David Marquez.

This is a special one-shot that Marvel will be giving away as part of Free Comic Book Day 2024. Along with having a prelude to the upcoming Blood Hunt comic book event, it will also include a short X-Men story that will be reader’s first taste of X-Men: From The Ashes before it launches.

This will be available at participating comic book shops on Free Comic Book Day (4th May, 2024) or digitally later one.


Written by Jed MacKay. Art by Ryan Stegman.

The first comic launching part of From The Ashes is X-Men. While Marvel hasn’t revealed many details yet, one thing that will be different is the team’s base of operation in Alaska. From there, this roster will fight for mutants’ future against new threats.

The team will consist of Cyclops, Beast, Magneto, Psylocke, Kid Omega, Temper (formerly Oya), Magik, and Juggernaut.

As the first series launched as part of this new era, X-Men (2024 series) will give readers the first inklings of the new direction of the X-Men line.

X-Men (2024 series) #1 goes on sale 10th July.

Uncanny X-Men

Written by Gail Simone. Art by David Marquez.

Next up is Uncanny X-Men, a classic title that hasn’t been used in a number of years. An all-star team of heroes will call New Orleans home as they protect a world that fears and hates them.

The team will be made up of Rogue, Gambit, Nightcrawler, Jubilee, and Wolverine.

Uncanny X-Men (2024 series) #1 goes on sale 7th August.

Exceptional X-Men

Written by Eve L. Ewing. Art by Carmen Carnero.

Exceptional X-Men will focus on the next generation of mutants, as lead by Emma Frost and Kate Pryde. New mutants Bronze, Axo, and Melee need training and guidance in a turbulent world that is no-less hostile to mutants after the war with Orchis.

Exceptional X-Men #1 goes on sale 4th September.

X-Men: From The Ashes logo teaser.
X-Men: From The Ashes logo teaser.


Written by TBA. Art by TBA.

Nothing is known about this series yet beyond the title. To speculate, this could be a Jean Grey solo title.


Written by TBA. Art by TBA.

We will be getting a new X-Factor title somewhere down the line. The team has had many different directions over the time from government-sponsored team to private detective agency. We’ll find out what it will be in the months to come.


Written by TBA. Art by TBA.

Marvel have hinted at Storm getting her own solo series.


Written by TBA. Art by TBA.

NYX was a series in the 2000s that focued on a group of homeless teen mutants in New York City. It appears that the concept will be brought back in this new era of X-Men comics.


Written by TBA. Art by TBA.

X-Force is a series that focuses on a team of harder-edged mutants. They’ve often been posed as a strike force or black-ops team who takes out threats to mutantkind before they can strike.


Written by TBA. Art by TBA.

Unsurprisingly, there will be a new Wolverine solo series as part of X-Men: From The Ashes.

Will there be more comics?

The X-Men comics line is known for its size. Readers are eager to explore the different facets and corners of the mutant world, which can be done when there are so many characters to choose from. Marvel are known to accomidate this by growing the line over time, switching out series after they conclude and add additional ones when scenarios disctate.

As a result, I believe that this era of X-Men comics will see more comics announced. These might not come straight away as nine series have already been announced – with six of them launching sometime after the three core series.

This guide will be updated when new details arise.

X-Men: From The Ashes has a 90s vibe

It’s hard not to notice that this period of X-Men comics has been influenced by the X-Men comics of the 1990s. This is evident in the characters present, their costumes, and the logos used.

While some readers may suggest that Marvel is creatively bankrupt by making these choices, I can understand why they’ve decided to go down this path. The Krakoa Era was a radical shift for the X-Men, by evoking the 90s period of X-Men, arguably one of the biggest selling periods of the comics line, it gives existing, lapsed, and potential readers some level of familiarity. It also launches after X-Men ’97, a continuation of the 1990s animated series. By having familiar elements in the comics, viewers of the series may be more willing to check out the current comics.

It’s likely that the line will move away from some of these elements as stories evolve.

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