Your Guide To The NacelleVerse Comics
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Your Guide To The NacelleVerse Comics

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This page contains affiliate links for eCommerce websites. How to Love Comics may recieve a small commission on purchases you make. Find out more in our affiliate disclaimer.

Comic books and toys have had an almost symbiotic relationship since the 1980s. Yes, many toy lines have had comic books based on them. Although, it goes much deeper than that, with comic book creators often developing the lore that comes with the toys. This was the case for TransformersG.I. Joe, and more. Other times, comics are the home to reinvent classic toy lines, reviving them for present-day readers. We’ve recently seen this with the successful launches of the Energon Universe and Thundercats.

This is happening yet again with the NacelleVerse. Featuring a slate of animated and toy properties from the decades gone, it brings them all together to reinvigorate these long-dormant ideas. These will be unified in a comic book line of the same name.

This guide will give you everything you need to know about the NacelleVerse. It provides background on concepts, explains the structure, and details the comics involved. Soon you’ll be diving into these comics, enjoying a nostalgic moment or discovering them for the first time.

Who is Nacelle?

The Nacelle Company was founded by Brian Volk-Weiss in 2017. It has many fingers in different pies, producing a wide range of things in scripted and unscripted series, stand-up comedy, podcasts, publishing, toys and merchandising, and more.

While you might not know The Nacelle Company by name, they’ve produced shows for Netflix, such as The Toys That Made Us and Down to Earth with Zac Efron, as well as worked with big-name stand-up comedians such as Kevin Hart and Ali Wong.

In the context of this guide and comic books, the company has collected the rights to old toys and animated series from decades ago. With them, they’ve produced new versions of the toys for collectors and the nostalgic, as well as upcoming animated series and licensing opportunities. These include Biker Mice From MarsRobo ForceThe Great Garloo, and others.

NacelleVerse promo image by Mike Deodato Jr.
NacelleVerse promo image by Mike Deodato Jr.

Is the NacelleVerse a shared universe?

The Nacelle Company has used the term “NacelleVerse” on their website for a while to describe the different properties they’ve acquired in recent years. However, these appear to be disparate concepts, linked primarily by ownership instead of through any shared concepts.

The comics discussed in this guide create the basis for these unrelated properties to form a shared universe. As they’re so different, it’s likely that they’ll operate in their own corners of the world but will interact from time to time.

Who is publishing these comics?

The NacelleVerse comics are published by Oni Press. The Portland based publisher has been around since 1997 and has published a number of licenced, like Rick and Morty, and creator-owned series such as Scott Pilgrim.

What comics are part of the NacelleVerse?

Below are all the comics that are part of the NacelleVerse that we know about at the moment. Read on to find out more about each of them. This includes story premises, background details on the toys/animated series they’re based on, and more.

This section will be updated as more information is reveled.

NacelleVerse #0 cover by Marco D'Alfonso.
NacelleVerse #0 cover by Marco D’Alfonso.

NacelleVerse #0

Written by Melissa Flores. Art by Diogenes Neves, Francis Portela, Rahmat Handoka, and Rhoald Marcellius.

NecelleVerse #0 is a one-shot that brings together all the NacelleVerse properties to establish this new shared universe. Using Great Garloo as a framing device, the comic visits the different characters and their worlds to introduce them to the reader. This allows readers to get a feel for the characters and concepts while setting up four subsequent miniseries.

NacelleVerse #0 is on sale 20th March.

Buy: eBay | Amazon/Kindle

Robo Force #1 cover by Dustin Weaver.
RoboForce #1 cover by Dustin Weaver.


Written by Melissa Flores. Art by Diogenes Neves.

RoboForce is a robotic group built to protect 22nd-century Earth. Their latest mission is to retrieve their creator’s latest invention from a shady rival corporation. However, it won’t be easy and might require them to break protocol.

The series was originally a toy line created by Ideal Toy Company in 1984. While the line was only around for a year (unless you count the Toyfinity revival), it spawned a TV movie animated by Ruby-Spears Productions in the same year. It was announced in late 2023 that Dwayne Johnson’s production company would produce an animated series.

RoboForce #1 (of 3) is on sale on 17th April.

Biker Mice From Mars

Written by TBA. Art by TBA.

Biker Mice From Mars is the second of the NacelleVerse miniseries. Not much is known about this one yet, so it’s unclear how it may differ from the original interpretation.

Clearly a reaction to the popularity of Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesBiker Mice From Mars was an animated series that ran between 1993 and 1996 over three seasons. The show has a connection to Marvel, with Marvel Productions, a subsidiary of Marvel Comics in the 1990s, one of the production companies involved. Stan Lee was also an executive producer. Marvel even put out a short-lived comic. In recent years, there has been a brief Biker Mice From Mars revival in 2006. Also, it was announced that Ryan Reynold’s production company will be responsible for an animated reboot.

Biker Mice From Mars #1 (of 3) is on sale in July.


Written by TBA. Art by TBA.

Not much is known about the Sectaurs comic presently.

What we do know is that it will be based on a 1985 toy line called Sectaurs: Warriors of Symbion. Each of the figures was humanoid but had insect or arachnid features. It was given a Ruby-Spears produced five-episode animated series and an eight-issue comic book series published by Marvel.

Sectaurs #1 (of 3) will be published in 2024.

Power Lords

Written by TBA. Art by TBA.

Not much is known about the Power Lords comic presently.

It will be based on a 1983-1985 action figure line. These figures, marketed as “Extra-Terrestrial Warriors” were more esoteric than their contemporaries, utilizing designs by illustrator Wayne Barlowe. The toys never received an animated series, but DC Comics published three-issue miniseries, and there was a game for the Magnavox Odyssey 2.

Power Lords #1 (of 3) will be published in 2024.

Will there be more NacelleVerse comics?

Yes. The NacelleVerse is only getting started, with more comics expected later. Oni Press has announced a NacelleVerse: Year One bundle, which includes all four three-issue miniseries and the NacelleVerse #0 one-shot. As it’s referred to as a “Year One” bundle, there are likely plans to continue this shared universe into 2025 and beyond.

It’s too early to say what these could be. However, this could include The Great Garloo, who’s involved in the #0 issue one-shot but hasn’t had a series announced yet.

This guide will be updated when more details are made available.

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