It’s 90s Week On How To Love Comics

It’s 90s Week On How To Love Comics

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The 1990s was an interesting time for comics. While it’s not always looked upon so fondly or, for some, perhaps too fondly through nostalgia-tinted glasses, it was a period of upheaval and excitement. Yeah, there’s a lot of crap driven by the industry’s dazzling highs. Although, at the same time, there was plenty for the decade to offer. There was a boom in independent publishing, driven by Image Comics and others outside the traditional publishing structure. Mature storytelling, bubbling away in the 1980s, took root in the 1990s and gave readers plenty of classic reads. So, while there’s plenty of junk, there’s also plenty of diamonds at the same time.

With Spawn, one of the most prototypically 90s comics ever, releasing its 350th issue this week, How To Love Comics has decided to jump into our time machine to celebrate the 1990s. All week (19th to 25th February) we’ll be publishing articles that explore the comics of that decade for a special themed week I’m creatively calling “90s Week”.

Look out for reading recommendations and mega reading orders by myself and a few other contributors. It’ll be a lot of fun. I hope you can join us!


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