Track Your Comics Reading In 2024 With This Free Spreadsheet

Track Your Comics Reading In 2024 With This Free Spreadsheet

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Here’s a fun fact about me. I know every comic I’ve read since the start of 2017. This is because I’ve recorded my comic reading in dedicated yearly spreadsheets. It started as a curiosity to see how many comics I read in a year and soon became a way to egg myself to read more.

Over the years, I’ve iterated on the spreadsheet. While it started as a simple list of everything I’ve read, thanks to some Excel wizardry, it has expanded into a far more advanced sheet with detailed statistics and goal-setting capabilities.

A screenshot of the Comics Reading Tracker 2024 "Comics Read" tab.

In the past, I’ve shared previous versions of the spreadsheet with peers and my small following on social media. However, this is the first time sharing it in a wider capacity via the site. (Oddly enough, it never occurred to me.) However, I feel like there are those out there who will find it helpful, so I thought it would be worth sharing.

This year’s version has been supercharged. Beyond a visual overhaul, I’ve included several formulas and charts to track different reading statistics. Hopefully, these will give valuable insights into your reading habits throughout the year and encourage you to read more comics.

A screenshot of the Comics Reading Tracker 2024 "Stats" tab.

Don’t stress if you’re not proficient with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. All the formulas are already set up. All you need to do is to add the comics you have read throughout 2024. Instructions are included in the sheet for those who want to make customisations to suit their needs.

Speaking of customisations, feel free to customise and expand upon the Comics Reading Tracker 2024 however you see fit. I would love to see your customisations, so please feel free to reach out. (The spreadsheet is protected under an Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International license that requires credit if you plan to update and distribute.)

The Comics Tracking Spreadsheet 2024 is perfect for those who love to track their reading – especially if they enjoy extracting granular data from it. For others, the goals setting and tracking functionality will be up their alley and encourage them to read as much as they can all year.

Get your free copy of the Comics Tracking Spreadsheet 2024 through Google Sheets.

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