Superman Superstars: Everything You Need To Know
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Superman Superstars: Everything You Need To Know

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This page contains affiliate links for eCommerce websites. How to Love Comics may recieve a small commission on purchases you make. Find out more in our affiliate disclaimer.

Superman has had many different comics over the years. While many have come and gone or been relaunched multiple times, Action Comics, the series that the character debuted in, has been a constant – having run since 1938 and only been relaunched once in 2011. During that time, there have been a handful of experimental eras. The Action Comics Weekly in the late 1980s and the 2023 anthology experiment as part of the Dawn of DC spring to mind. 2024 looks to shake up DC’s second-longest-running series again with an initiative called Superman Superstars.

With big-name creators involved, Superman Superstars looks to be an exciting time to read Superman comics. Find out why with this extensive guide.


Superman Superstars is a year-long initiative, which means that DC Comics will reveal new details in late 2023 and deep into 2024. As a result, this guide will be updated as more information is available. Check-in later for more details.

What is Superman Superstars?

Superman Superstars is a 2024 publishing initiative focused on Action Comics. The long-running comic will unite top-tier talent to tell Superman stories all year. Writers and artists will get three issues to tell their story and then hand Action Comics to a new creative team.

Rotating creative teams have its advantages. It allows for different types of Superman stories to be told. This could mean exploring the various angles of Superman or featuring villains from the Man of Steel’s extensive rogues gallery.

Is Superman Superstars a good jumping-on point?

Yes. Superman Superstars will be a good way to start reading Superman comics.

Due to the nature of the rotating creative teams, where the writers and artists have a specific story to tell, these stories will be relatively self-contained. Apart from one exception, these comics should not be bogged down in current events or history. Readers should be able to pick these comics up with the opening chapter of any story and start reading.

As hinted at earlier, there is one exception to this. April’s Action Comics #1064 and potentially Action Comics #1065-1066 will be part of a Superman crossover called “Superman: House of Brainiac“, tying in with Joshua Williamson’s Superman run. As a result, it might not be the best jumping-on point for readers who are not invested in that run or not interested in reading a crossover.

Which comics will be part of Superman Superstars?

The below section covers details for all the comics known to be part of Superman Superstars. DC Comics will be announcing more throughout 2024. As a result, the below section will be updated when more information has been made available.

The initiative begins with January’s Action Comics #1061, likely running through to December’s #1073 if the series continues on a monthly release schedule.

Action Comics #1061 cover John Timms.
Action Comics #1061 cover John Timms.

Action Comics #1061-1063

Written by Jason Aaron. Art by John Timms.

Superman Superstars begins with Action Comics #1061. This tale – “I, Bizarro” – will see Superman take on Bizarro. However, this story promises to give a new spin on the classic doppelganger villain when he discovers a new secret about themselves.

Not familiar with Bizarro? There have been a lot of different versions of the character over the decades. However, the core concept is that he’s a mirror opposite of Superman. Sporting a reversed “S” symbol on his chest, much of what Bizarro does is backwards or counter to what we know about Superman. This includes his speech patterns, the words that are used (e.g. using the word “bad” to refer to “good”), and powers like arctic vision and flame breath.

Jason Aaron is a long-time Marvel writer with popular runs on ThorWolverine, and many other characters. It will be his first time writing Superman. John Timms has some familiarity with the Superman family of comics, being the primary artist on the Superman: Son of Kal-El – a series focusing on Jon Kent.

DC Comics has released a trailer for this story, which you can watch here.

Action Comics #1061 goes on sale on 9th January 2024.

Action Comics #1064-1066

Written by Joshua Williamson. Art by Rafa Sandoval.

Joshua Williamson and Rafa Sandoval will take over Action Comics in April. Their issues will help form the basis of the Superman: House of Brainiac crossover – which will also involve the ongoing Superman series and dedicated one-shots.

While details are momentarily sparse, this crossover promises to be a big affair. It will involve Superman, Supergirl, Lex Luthor, Lobo, and the Superman family taking on Brainiac and a Czarnian army. There will also introduce Queen Brainiac, which adds a new villain to Superman’s rogues’ gallery and new wrinkles in Brainiac’s lore.

Plot elements for this comic book event have percolated in Joshua Williamson’s Superman run, with hints towards the big story happening since early 2023. Keep a look out on this site in early 2024 for a Superman: House of Brainiac reading order guide, which will detail the background reading and the crossover’s recommended reading order.

Superman: House of Brainiac will have ramifications for the wider DC Universe. It will set up new Superman stories and be another building block in the much larger meta-story that Joshua Williamson has been telling Рhelping to set up an even bigger comic book event.

Find out more about this crossover in our Superman: House of Brainiac reading order.

Action Comics #1064 will go on sale in April 2024.

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Will there be more Superman Superstar comics?

Yes. DC Comics will announce more stories as part of Superman Superstars throughout 2024.

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