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There Are Two Excellent Batman Jumping-On Points In July 2022

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Every so often, a new place to start reading Batman emerges. Sometimes it’s in the form of one of the flagship titles, Batman or Detective Comics, or a self-contained miniseries. However, there are rarely two jumping-on points in the same month! That’s the case in July, with Batman and Detective Comics offering excellent places for new readers to start reading Batman comics.

In this instance, this has happened with both the series receiving new creative teams. With new writers and artists, it’s an opportunity to take the comics in different directions, with fresh stories and new takes on the Dark Knight.

Both series have very different tones while still being distinctively Batman. The self-titled Batman series is a mix of mystery and action. On the other side, Detective Comics will have a supernatural focus.

Take a look below to learn more about each jumping-on point.

Batman #125 cover by Jorge Jimenez.
Batman #125 cover by Jorge Jimenez.

Batman #125

Written by Chip Zdarsky. Art by Jorge Jimenez and Belen Ortega.

Batman #125 kicks off a brand-new era with a story called “Failsafe”.

Bruce Wayne is haunted by nightmares of a dark future for Gotham City. What that future is is currently unclear. However, based on the trailer for this issue, it could be a future in which he and his allies fail. In the present, Gotham City billionaires are being brutally murdered. As you can expect, it will be up to Batman to figure out who it is.

He won’t be alone! Robin (Tim Drake) will be a major player in this new run. Tim has been the longest-serving Robin of the modern era and, for many readers, the most recognisable. He’s also recently made headlines by coming out as bisexual and will have his own series beginning in September.

Readers are in for a treat on the visual side of the book. Jorge Jimenez is a phenomenal artist who was a regular on the previous creative run with James Tynion. Expect plenty of dynamic action, slick textures, and creative character designs.

Batman #125 also has a backup story starring Catwoman. In it, the criminal world is at war over one of their crown jewels, with Selina stuck in the middle of the conflict. Can she stop the bloodshed while also profiting at the same time?

Batman #125 is available from 5th July.

Detective Comics #1062 cover by Evan Cagle.
Detective Comics #1062 cover by Evan Cagle.

Detective Comics #1062

Written by Ram V and Simon Spurrier. Art by Rafael Albuquerque and Dani.

Detective Comics #1062 starts a four-part story called “Gotham Nocturne”. Described as a “gothic opera”, expect a Batman story that mixes dark themes with the strange.

It all begins with Batman deciding that there’s something wrong with himself. There’s a sense of inner dread that he cannot pinpoint, but it makes him feel uneasy. Without revealing too much, it appears to be the work of demons that hide in Gotham’s shadows and sing a strange melody that turns its citizens into something more sinister.

While Batman is no stranger to supernatural stories, framing it through the aesthetics of a gothic opera is unique. Expect this story to explore tragedy, be drama-filled, and revel in grandiose storytelling.

To put this bold vision on paper is Rafael Albuquerque. Best known for American Vampire, he’s an artist that draws all kinds of creepy subject matter. It will be interesting how he incorporates his style into the gothic opera theme.

Detective Comics will have backup stories too. This issue will feature Jim Gordon in his new role as a private investigator.

Detective Comics #1062 is available from 26th July.

What about the high issue numbering?

Don’t worry about the high issue numbers. Batman #125 and Detective Comics #1062 are clean jumping-on points that begin their respective stories. It’s not essential to have read any Batman before this to understand the comics.

Where can I find these comics?

Batman #125 and Detective Comics #1062 can be found at all good comic book shops, online retailers, and digitally on Kindle.

You should put these comics on your pull list if you think you’re going to read either of them on an ongoing basis.

Need more Batman?

If these two jumping-on points are not enough, How To Love Comics has a monthly column called Bat-Classics. Every month we recommend a Batman story from years gone by that we think you should read – perfect for find your next Bat-read.

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