Update Extravaganza: 25 Guides And Reading Orders Updated

Update Extravaganza: 25 Guides And Reading Orders Updated

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If you’re a regular to How To Love Comics, you’ll know that the site does a lot of guides, tips, and reading orders. Each has been crafted to be as helpful as possible, being updated often when new information on a given topic is made available. However, the site went on hiatus between May and December 2021 and many of the guides and reading orders were no longer up to date.

I pride myself on making sure these pieces are as current as possible. It’s what makes them helpful for readers new and existing. As a result, I’ve undertaken an effort to get as many of these guides and reading orders updated with the latest details possible. In some cases, this involves significant revamps.

So far, there have been 25 pieces updated (so far) for your reading (and future comics reading) pleasure.

Before going further, I should do some housekeeping.

If you haven’t heard the news, Comixology was absorbed into Amazon. It was a total shambles, which means all the old links to Comixology redirect to the new homepage instead of to a particular item. I’m in the process of replacing them with an Amazon/Kindle equivalent, but that’s going to take some time and covers far more posts than simply the guides below. I’ll eventually get to them all, but in the meantime, I apologise for any broken links you might encounter.

Another thing I need to raise is that these updates only cover what I’ve done since returning in January. There are more to come. If you notice another piece on the site that requires updating, it’s likely on my list and will be updated soon.

So, what has been updated? Here’s a list.

Updated Reading Orders

Avatar: The Last Airbender Graphic Novel Reading Order

This happens to be the most visited reading order on the site of all time. It’s been updated with new details about upcoming graphic novels and new editions for older material.

The Legend of Korra Graphic Novel Reading Order Guide

Staying in the same universe, the Legend of Korra reading order has also been updated. It now has details of an upcoming anthology.

Power Rangers Reading Order Guide

It has been updated with the latest issues, collections, and details about the upcoming Godzilla vs Mighty Morphin Power Rangers miniseries. Additionally, I’ve fixed a note that incorrectly stated the Go Go Power Rangers was set in another universe when it wasn’t.

Miles Morales (Spider-Man) Reading Order Guide

This reading order is up-to-date with the latest trade paperback collections and a few extra details.

Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) Reading Order Guide

Same with Captain Marvel too.

Bloodshot Reading Order Guide

The latest issues and trade paperbacks have been added for this Valiant-themed reading order. Additionally, issue details have been added to the trade paperback collections and news on future Bloodshot comics.

John Constantine, Hellblazer Reading Order Guide

DC Black Label has just finished reprinting Hellblazer in its entirety. Details on the final volumes have been added. A whole new section that includes the original trade paperback editions has also been put together for those who want it.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (IDW Continuity) Reading Order

Cowabunga! The latest issues and collections have been added to this extensive reading order. On top of that, links to free comics have been changed over to their Amazon/Kindle equivalent.

Your Reading Order Guide To Jason Aaron’s Thor Run

Marvel released a few comprehensive editions to this well-loved Thor run while the site was on hiatus. I’ve added them to the guide in addition to a section that suggests what to read next.

Donny Cates’ Venom Reading Order Guide

Similar to the above reading order, I’ve added new collections and a section with suggestions for what to read next.

King in Black Reading Order Checklist

Added all the trade paperback collections to this read order and a section that points out what you can read after this big event.

IDW’s Ghostbusters Comics Reading Order Guide

Added the final trade paperback collections and explained how the Ghostbusters comics are out of print.

Updated Guides

What’s The Deal With Comic Book Age Ratings?

This handy guide was updated with new explanations. This includes DC Comics’ new age-rating system and a discussion on why there is no consistent rating system in the comic book industry.

Your Ultimate Guide To Marvel’s Star Wars Comics

This guide was the most requested to be updated during the hiatus. It’s now up-to-date with new and upcoming series and volumes.

Dawn of X: Your Simple Guide To The New X-Men Line

With Destiny of X about to begin, I’ve updated the previous X-Men guides. It was mostly complete. There were just a few trade paperbacks collections released during the hiatus.

Reign of X: Everything You Need To Know About The Next Stage Of X-Men Comics

The Reign of X guide required a bit more work, with Marvel releasing a lot of X-Men comics during the hiatus. It now includes all of the series and their trade paperbacks too.

How To Start Reading The Hilda Graphic Novels [Guide + Reading Order]

A few more details have been added, plus a new section about the upcoming compilation collection.

Your Guide To The Shaman King Manga And Its Spin-Offs

This includes new details about the omnibus editions, the digital availability, new spin-offs, and extra links to where you can find each volume.

Science Comics: A Guide To The Graphic Novels That Make Learning Fun

Science Comics are a lot of fun. I’ve made sure this guide is current with details on upcoming graphic novels and a new section for the boxed sets.

Gotta Read ‘Em All: Your Guide To The Pokémon Manga

New series and volumes have been added to this already massive guide. It has also been restructured slightly for ease of reading and added series statuses to each title.

How To Start Reading The Umbrella Academy Comics [Guide + Reading Order]

Added more information about future comics and details on the boxed set

Where Do I Start Reading The Walking Dead Comic?

Fun fact: The Walking Dead guide is one of the earliest on the site.

While I intended to just add the missing spin-offs and details on the upcoming Clementine graphic novels by Tillie Walden, the whole guide got a massive overhaul. It’s far more useful now – answering more questions potential readers have about the comics.

Your Easy Guide To The Witcher Comics

Added a recent miniseries and an upcoming graphic novella.

Your Guide To The Dragon Age Comic Books

And a tiny update to the Dragon Age guide too.

Your Guide To The DC Super Hero Girls Graphic Novels

Added some new graphic novels along with extra details on each book.

More updates are coming…

These are just the updates I’ve made over the last few weeks. More are on the way! I will add more to this page as they happen.


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