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This March Is An Excellent Time To Start Reading DC Comics

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Reading DC Comics can be confusing. There’s so many of them, each with their own place in the wider DC Universe. How are you meant to know where to even start? Luckily, the stars have aligned this month, and most of DC Comics’ output is a great place to start reading.

After the conclusion of Dark Nights: Death Metal, DC’s latest multiverse shattering event, the publisher took January and February off from their regular publishing program. Instead, they gave readers a glimpse into the future, whether it be a few years, decades, or millennia with Future State. But this March? It’s time to go back to the present for a brand new era with DC’s Infinite Frontier.

Let’s find out more about Infinite Frontier, along with all of the other comics that are great jumping-on points in March 2021.

Batman #106 cover.
Batman #106 cover.

What is Infinite Frontier?

Infinite Frontier is a new era for DC Comics! With a focus on looking forward, the publisher is releasing a cluster of new series and jumping-on points for existing titles. This is a great place to start if you’ve ever wanted to read Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Justice League, or one of the many other DC Comics!

Infinite Frontier #0 cover.

Where should readers start reading Infinite Frontier?

It all begins on March 2nd with Infinite Frontier #0.

This oversized issue will set the tone for the DC Universe. Expect foreshadowing and teasers of upcoming stories, and set up for mysteries that will play out later on. Additionally, Infinite Frontier gives readers a taste of what’s to come in many of their titles and potentially influence what they read beyond March.

Interested in reading a particular character? Infinite Frontier is also a great place to do this. Wonder Woman fans should jump on in with issue #770. For the Justice League, check out issue #59. For Batman, you have a few options, including Batman #106, Detective Comics #1034, Batman: The Detective #1, and more.

Find out about all of the Infinite Frontier comics in our extensive guide.

Wonder Woman #770 cover.
Wonder Woman #770 cover.

Handy tips for reading Infinite Frontier

While these are detailed in How to Love Comics’ Infinite Frontier guide, here are some quick tips to make reading easy:

  • While there are a handful of new series, most of the jumping-on points come from existing comics. Don’t be put off by the issue numbers as they are the beginnings of new stories.
  • The two main Superman titles, Superman and Action Comics, act as a two-part crossover in March. Read Superman #29 first, then Action Comics #1029 afterwards. The comics go in their own direction in the subsequent issues.
  • Both Batman #106 and Detective Comics #1034 have a Robin back-up story. If you’re keen on reading it, you’ll need to pick up Batman #106 first and continue reading it in Detective Comics #1034. This sets up a new series that starts in April.
Superman: Red & Blue #1 cover.
Superman: Red & Blue #1 cover.

What else is there?

Infinite Frontier isn’t the only good jumping-on point for DC Comics.There’s also a selection of self-contained comics that you can jump into without any prior reading, including:

  • Superman: Red & Blue #1: An anthology of Superman stories from a range of creators. As you can guess from the title, all of these stories utilise the colours red and blue.
  • Batman: Black and White #4: Following on from Superman Red & Blue #1 playing with colour, this collection of Batman short stories are all in black and white. They also often feature creators that you wouldn’t associate with Batman, with some curious tales being spun.
  • Sensational Wonder Woman #1: The print version of this digital-first series will offer stand-alone Wonder Woman stories, with Diana trapped in an alternate reality.
  • Truth and Justice #2: The print version of this digital-first series will offer a stand-alone Superman story, with a classic tale of Superman fighting for justice as he exonerates prisoners around Metropolis.
  • Legends of the Dark Knight: Another digital-first series that doesn’t require any prior reading, telling stand-alone Batman stories.
  • Justice League: The Last Ride #1: Batman, Superman and others will need to bury the hatchet and come together one last time in this 16-part digital-first Justice League story.

Where Can I Find These Comics?

All of these DC Comics can be found at your local comic book shop, online stores, eBay, and digitally on Comixology.

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