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The New Age Of DC Heroes: Everything You Need To Know

The New Age Of DC Heroes: Everything You Need To Know

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Spinning out of the massive Dark Nights: Metal, DC Comics have announced a brand new publishing initiative called ‘The New Age Of DC Heroes.’ But what is it?

This guide will give you all the information that you need to know about it so you can jump right in and begin reading when it kicks off in January.

What Is The New Age Of DC Heroes?

The New Age Of DC Heroes is DC Comics’ latest publishing initiative which aims to add new corners and characters into the DC Universe. In doing so, we will see brand new heroes, or existing heroes with new roles or focuses. It’s not a relaunch or reboot, but a batch of brand new monthly comic book series.

These comics will be created by some of DC’s biggest talents – with a particular focus on the contributions of the artists.

Will I Need To Read Dark Nights: Metal To Understand These Comics?

I am going to go out on a limb and say no. While characters and concepts might spin out of Dark Nights: Metal, the fact that many of these series are starting before the conclusion of the series means that it will probably not be essential.

With an emphasis on new ideas, these comics should be new reader friendly, even if there is some references to Dark Nights: Metal. Issue #1 of each series should give you everything you need to know, with anything that remains a mystery being introduced in subsequent issues.

All The Comics Will Be Priced At $2.99

All of the comics as part of the New Age Of DC Heroes will be priced at $2.99. That’s a great price that allows readers the chance to give these books a try without having to invest too much money.

No Variants

As part of the New Age Of DC Heroes, DC Comics has stated that none of the comics involved in this line will have variant covers. DC Comics has explained the reason behind this is so that they can build a fanbase for these comics, without the inflation of sales that variant covers offer. By doing this, DC can see the true demand for these new characters and ideas.

But A Fancy Cover

That being said, just because there are no variant covers doesn’t mean that The New Age Of DC Heroes won’t have fancy covers. The first issues of each series will have a cover which DC Comics has described as a “vertical gatefold” cover.

Traditional gatefold covers have a flap on the inside which reveals when expended horizontally reveals a larger cover image. The premise is similar to a vertical gatefold cover, which instead folds out to reveal a very tall image.

As part of these skyscraper tall cover, DC has hinted that they could “hold some “easter eggs” that will be revealed throughout the series.”

You can see an example of one of these covers below.

The Terrifics #1 vertical gatefold cover by Ivan Reis.

What Comics Are Involved?

That’s a good question! DC Comics have been slowly adding more comics to the mix, but at the moment the following are included in this publishing initiative.

Damage #1 cover by Tony S Daniel.
Damage #1 cover by Tony S Daniel.


Art by Tony S. Daniel. Written Robert Venditti.
Issue #1 available on January 17th, 2018.

Ethan “Elvis” Avery is a government agent, who has the curse of becoming an uncontrollable monster for one hour a day. Expect this series to include a bunch of DC cameos such as Wonder Woman and Task Force X (Suicide Squad).

This series also picks up on a dangling thread from Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad.

Silencer #1 cover by John Romita Jr.
Silencer #1 cover by John Romita Jr.

The Silencer

Art by John Romita Jr. Written by Dan Abnett.
Issue #1 available on January 31st, 2018.

The Silencer was one of the deadliest assassins in the DC Universe until she decided to retire to a normal life. But, her old life comes crashing back when her old employer, Talia Al Ghul, offers her a new mission.

Sideways #1 cover by Kenneth Rocafort.
Sideways #1 cover by Kenneth Rocafort.


Art by Kenneth Rocafort. Written by Dan DiDio and Justin Jordan.
Issue #1 available on February 14th, 2018.

Sideways, aka high school student Derek James, is a brand new hero who has the ability to travel through dimensional rifts at will. Derek received this ability when falling into the dark matter dimension, as introduced in Dark Nights: Metal.

The Terrifics #1 cover by Ivan Reis.
The Terrifics #1 cover by Ivan Reis.

The Terrifics

Art by Ivan Reis. Written by Jeff Lemire.
Issue #1 available on February 28th, 2018.

The Terrifics is a brand new hero team which features Mr. Terrific, Metamorpho, Plastic Man and Phantom Girl. The series looks like it will explore the Dark Multiverse that was introduced in Dark Nights: Metal and bring back cult favourite Tom Strong.

The Immortal Men #1 cover by Jim Lee.
The Immortal Men #1 cover by Jim Lee.

The Immortal Men

Art by Jim Lee. Written by James Tynion IV.
Issue #1 available on April 11th, 2018.

This comic book series will explore the hidden history of the DC Universe going back thousands of years. It explores the two tribes as introduced in Dark Days: The Forge and how they use their gifts to protect humanity. Fans of The Batman Who Laughs will want to check out issue #3 of this series.

Brimstone #1 cover by Philip Tan.
Brimstone #1 cover by Philip Tan.

The Curse of Brimstone

Art by Phillip Tan. Written by Justin Jordan.
Issue #1 available on April 4th, 2018.

Joe Chamerlain is a man who will do anything for his struggling small town, even make a deal with the devil. That’s exactly what he does and as a result is cursed with the power of Brimstone.Will he be able to save his town, track down the demon who cursed him, and overcome his own personal demons? You’ll have to read to find out.

DC Comics has described this series as the horror comic of the line.

New Challengers

Art by Andy Kubert. Written by Scott Snyder and Aaron Gillespie.

This series is a modernised version of the classic Challengers of the Unknown concept, but with a new cast and new adventures.

The Unexpected

Art by Ryan Sook. Written by Steve Orlando.

This series will centre on a group of heroes, who are looking for redemption from their past mistakes. This series will see them getting their second chance.

When it was first announced it was described as Dark Tower meets Seven Samurai.

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Comments (4)

  • So we get DC’s spin on The Hulk (Damage), The Punisher (the Silencer), Spidey (Sideways), The FF (the Terrifics), Ghost Rider (Curse of Brimstone), & Thunderbolts (the Unexpected). New for DC but kind of old hat in general. The Immortal Men, I can’t quite put a finger on just yet so I haven’t found an appropriate analogue. Kudos to DC though. I give them props for injecting new blood into the DC universe without dumping their legacy characters and replacing them with new, non-microagression causing, PC correct versions of said characters.

  • It’s a great idea! Nothing wrong with adding fresh faces, & NOT having them replace current ones. It also gives us rookie writers hope that new stuff is still desired & can make it to the big leagues!

  • Somebody please tell me why Tom Strong is on the connected cover?
    Is he coming into the DC Universe?
    What title will he be a part of?

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