PREVIEW: ‘Captain Marvel #125’ Reveals Carol’s Dark Origins
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PREVIEW: ‘Captain Marvel #125’ Reveals Carol’s Dark Origins

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In recent years, Captain Marvel has been heading up Alpha Flight. Their mission has been to stop galactic threats from harming Earth by being the first point of defence. But with recent developments in the Marvel Universe Alpha Flight’s mission has been hampered when their space station was destroyed. As a result, it’s a brand new era for Captain Marvel and her team and it all begins with issue 125, written by Margaret Stohl and art by Michele Bandini.

This new era kicks off with a story called Dark Origins. In the pursuit for a stolen serum Carol and her team end up deep in outer space, but not everything is what it seems when she comes across herself, albeit a dark version. They’ve stumbled into a dark version of the milky way and must find a way to get out. Through their journey to find their way home they’ll delve deep into the past and present of Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel #125 cover by Phil Noto.
Captain Marvel #125 cover by Phil Noto.

Over the years Captain Marvel’s history has become quite convoluted, but with this new story, it will be all put into order. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly writer Margaret Stohl had this to say about making sense of everything:

The heart of Carol’s origin story is her family, and it’s so much simpler and so much bigger than the pieces that have been told before. “Dark Origin,” our Legacy story arc, will take Carol down a pretty terrifying wormhole back to her own past, setting up an epic confrontation that she’ll be dealing with in one way or another for the next two arcs.

Captain Marvel #125 is part of Marvel’s latest publishing initiative, Marvel Legacy. Legacy takes the new things that the publisher has built the past few years and combines them with classic concepts to create something familiar, but fresh. As a result, most of their comics are getting brand new jumping on points, that is suitable for readers new and old.

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As you’ve probably noticed, this is the 125th issue of Captain Marvel. Don’t worry about the high number, this issue is made to be a jumping on point for the character. If you’re unfamiliar with Captain Marvel and would like some background you can check out this three-page primer which gives you the relevant background on the character.

Captain Marvel #125 is available at all good comic book stores and digitally from October 25th.

Read some preview pages of this issue below.

Captain Marvel #125 recap page.
Captain Marvel #125 preview page by Michele Bandini.
Captain Marvel #125 preview page by Michele Bandini.
Captain Marvel #125 preview page by Michele Bandini.

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