8 Reasons Why The Humble Bundle Books Is A Great Way to Get Into Comics

8 Reasons Why The Humble Bundle Books Is A Great Way to Get Into Comics

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Popular with indie gaming fans, the Humble Bundle is a website that works on the pay-what-you-want for curated digital products, but with a twist. With each purchase independent creators get paid for their work, but, more importantly, a nominated charity receives a cut of the purchase as well. While it was originally intended for video games, it has branched out into other mediums with comics featured regularly through the Humble Bundle Books.

As you’ll see through this article, the Humble Bundle Books is an inviting method for those not so familiar with comics to be introduced to the wonderful medium. Read on to see why.

1. You’re Supporting Charity

Just by buying comics you’re helping out charity. Each Humble Bundle has a nominated charity (or charities) for the that particular bundle, which will have a portion of the sale donated to it. If for some reason you’d prefer the money goes to a different cause, you can do that too. Humble Bundle has a database of thousands of other charities to choose from.

2. You Choose Who The Money Goes To

When you make a Humble Bundle purchase you get to choose how the money is divided. If you think charity or the comic book creators should get a larger slice of the pie, you can nominate what percentage goes where.

Luckily, you don’t need to be a mathematician in order to work out each portion. Humble Bundle has a handy sliders, which helps you work everything out.

3. Low Financial Risk

With the pay-what-you-want model, the Humble Bundle is a low financial risk to try a big (digital) stack of comics. Most bundles have hundreds of dollars worth of value so even if one or two comics are not to your liking you haven’t broken the bank.

Although you chose the price you are willing to pay, there are different pricing tiers that unlock more content. While it varies from bundle to bundle, the tiers are usually $1+, $8+ and $15 and even at the lowest level you still get a generous amount of comics.

4. Large and Varying Range of Comics

With every Humble Bundle there is a massive amount of comics on offer.

Even better is that every fortnight there is a new Humble Bundle Books offer*, which allows you to buy even more comics for you to try out. Each Bundle is a different theme or spotlights a different publisher. In the past there have been My Little Pony, Star Wars, The Walking Dead, Image Comics, Dynamite Entertainment and Valiant just to name a few. Each bundle is different and it is very rare that comics are repeated in a bundle.

* Not every Humble Bundle Books is comic book related, but more often than not it is.

5. Introduces You to Comics You May Not Be Familiar With

With so many comics on offer, the Humble Bundle Books gives you the opportunity to expose yourself to a batch of comics that you may not be familiar with. While not all of them may be to your tastes, with such a low financial risk there is the opportunity to find a dozen or more comics that you love. You could find a new series to binge on or even open yourself up to new creators, setting you off on a journey to find more of their work.

6. Give You An Entry Point For A Series

The Humble Bundle Books aim to be new reader friendly and predominantly feature stand-alone stories, #1 issues and volume 1 graphic novels. These give you a good starting on point in a series, giving you a sweet taste of what might be your new favourite series.

If that sweet taste has you hooked you can track down more stories in that series or by the creators. If this is the case, I suggest heading to your local comic book store and let them know that you enjoyed it. They will happily point you in the direction to further issues or collections of that series for you to sink your teeth into.

If you don’t have a store near you Comixology or any of these online stores are a good alternative.

7. Plenty of Reading Formats

While each bundle will be a little bit different, the Humble Bundle Books offer a variety of file formats. PDF is a standard, but other formats include ones that are compatible with Nook, Kindle, Kobo and even Google Books. That gives you plenty of different reading options no matter the device.

8. DRM-Free

Who likes Digital Rights Management? Nobody, that’s who! With the comics purchased through the Humble Bundle Books you are able to transfer them to as many devices as you please without any licencing restrictions. This makes these digital comics very versatile for reading anyway you want.

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