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This Month's Saga #43 Is A 25 Cent Jumping-On Point

This Month’s Saga #43 Is A 25 Cent Jumping-On Point

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Image Comics are celebrating their 25 years in the business this year and to help do they’re releasing a very special issue of one of their most acclaimed comic books – Saga. Writer Brian K Vaughan and artist Fiona Staples will be releasing a special jumping-on issue which will hopefully get people hooked on this wonderful series like so many others have been. Even better, they’re selling this issue for a steal.

Just like The Walking Dead #163 and other Robert Kirkman comics back in February, Saga #43 is priced at the low price of 25 cents. Comics are rarely this price, with the last time they were regularly this price was back in 1975. At that price it’s the perfect opportunity to give this fantastic comic a try.

Saga is an award-winning series about a family on the run for merely existing in a world which doesn’t approve of them. Alana and Marko are former soldiers on different sides of an age-old conflict who have escaped their duties to start a family. While starting a family is a wonderful thing, they’re in constant danger from a menagerie of bounty hunters who have been hired by those who disapprove of their love.

With fleshed out characters and strong world-building, Saga really invests the reader in the comic. With this investment comes an emotional roller-coaster as Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples bring you all the dizzying highs and shocking lows. When these come, you never expect them.

Saga #43 cover by Fiona Staples.

You cannot talk about Saga with out Fiona Staple’s beautiful art. While her work is not overly detailed, it has rich in colour and posses a strong understanding of lighting. The result is art that is delicate, but can also be vicious and shocking with the script requires it. It’s the kind of work that once you’ve finished the issue you’ll want to flick through again to admire how great it is.

If you’ve never read Saga, but have heard good things, then this is your perfect opportunity to give it a go. Give Saga #43 a try and see what all the fuss is about. It’s the start of a new story and as it has been marketed as a jumping-on point should bring new readers up to speed with everything they need to know.

While I know some readers will be hesitant to pick it up because it’s not an #1 issue, but with the combination of low price and jumping on point it’s a fantastic way to see if this comic is for you. If you enjoy the writing and art then you can always go back and catch up with the previous #42 issues.

Saga #43 is available from May 31st. You can find it at any good comic book store, on Comixology or the Image Comics website.


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