PREVIEW: Wonder Woman Searches For The Truth In ‘Wonder Woman #1’

Two weeks ago, DC Comics brought us Wonder Woman: Rebirth. In this course setting one-shot, Wonder Woman begins to doubt her origins and past. Did all these conflicting events really happen? Wonder Woman, and avid fans of continuity must know. Fast forward to now and we see the release of Wonder Woman #1 by writer Greg Rucka and artist Liam Sharp in which we see Wonder Woman commence her quest. Read on to find out more about this great jumping on point and read a preview.

Along with doubting her past something else has happened which has Wonder Woman concerned – her famous Lasso of Truth has mysteriously stopped working. Figuring out the answer to why her lasso, which forces anyone who’s wrapped in it, to tell the truth, will send her down a rabbit hole of secrets. Secrets that will reveal her past.

Will Wonder Woman be able to find out why her lasso has stopped working? You’ll have to read to find out!

It’s worth pointing out that Wonder Woman will have alternating storylines. The story I’m discussing now with run through odd-numbered issues (eg #1, #3, #5 etc) while another story which explores Wonder Woman’s origins, with art by the wonderful Nicola Scott, will run through even-numbered issues.

Wonder Woman #1 cover by Liam Sharp. DC Comics Rebirth.

The great thing about Wonder Woman is that she is very much an international hero. While some heroes are anchored to a particular city, Wonder Woman travels the globe to do good. As you’ll see in the preview below that also includes some exotic locations too.

Writing Wonder Woman is fan-favourite Greg Rucka, who has had plenty of experience with the character. Rucka wrote Wonder Woman between 2002-2006 to much critical and fan acclaim. He took Wonder Woman in interesting directions and gave her new challenges which were not simply the run of the mill super-villains. She had to fight not only the gods but public perception too. With Rucka’s track record Wonder Woman looks to be great hands.

Responsible for art is Liam Sharp who, as you’ll see in the preview images below, has an art style which is lush and detailed. With Sharpe on art, we should expect fantastic looking Wonder Woman art.

Don’t worry if you’ve never read an issue of Wonder Woman before. This is a great place to start and aims to be new reader friendly.

Wonder Woman #1 is available at all good comic book stores and digitally from June 22nd.

Take a peek at a handful of preview pages of this issue as well as the variant cover by Frank Cho courtesy of Comic Book Resources.

Wonder Woman #1 preview pages. Words by Greg Rucka. Art by Liam Sharpe.
Wonder Woman #1 preview pages. Words by Greg Rucka. Art by Liam Sharpe.
Wonder Woman #1 preview pages. Words by Greg Rucka. Art by Liam Sharpe.
Wonder Woman #1 preview pages. Words by Greg Rucka. Art by Liam Sharpe.
Wonder Woman #1 variant cover by Frank Cho.

For the latest information on DC Rebirth check out the DC Comics Rebirth Guide. You can also read other DC Rebirth previews.

Will You Be Reading Wonder Woman #1?

Are you excited to read this issue of Wonder Woman? Will it be the first time you’ve read Wonder Woman? Let me know in the comments below or via the How to Love Comics Facebook or Twitter.

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