PREVIEW: Parenthood Is Superman’s Greatest Challenge In Superman #1
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PREVIEW: Parenthood Is Superman’s Greatest Challenge In Superman #1

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Two weeks ago, writer Peter J. Tomasi brought us the drama-oriented Superman: Rebirth #1. It focused on Pre-flashpoint Superman trying to, with the help of a grieving Lana Lang, bring New 52 Superman back to life. Throughout the course of the one-shot, the two travel to the fortress of solitude in search of the regeneration matrix, a key artifact in the resurrection of pre-flashpoint Superman. When they can’t find the artifact, Supes notices a tribute in the form of an ice monument to that New 52 Superman’s parents. Both his Kryptonian and Earth parents are represented in the form of ice sculptures that hold up their respective planets. After seeing this, Superman loses all hope in resurrecting his New 52 counterpart, and instead helps Lana fulfill Clark’s dying wish; to be buried next to his parents in Kansas. After the poignant (and well written) moment at the grave-site, Superman flies away, returns to the fortress, and makes a decision to put on the tights once again.


Don’t worry, as Superman #1 seems to be ditching the multiverse complexities and start afresh as Superman struggles with his son’s abilities. Unlike Jonathan Kent, Clark knows exactly what his son is going through, and it should be interesting to see how he deals with his son exhibiting the same powers as he did.

Superman #1 cover Patrick Gleason.

On another note, it seems like Tomasi is going to be dealing with the strange Mr. Oz, a character who had a brief appearance in DC Universe: Rebirth #1. Oz said that his family aren’t exactly who they say they are. What exactly that entails is unknown, but hopefully Tomasi and artist Patrick Gleason are able shed more light on this shady character in the upcoming issues.

Whether or not the events of Dan Jurgens and Patrick Zircher’s Action Comics #957 have any effect to this issue is anyone’s guess. In it, new/old Superman returned to Metropolis only to find that his arch nemesis from another universe, Lex Luthor, is donning the House of El insignia and declares to protect the innocent. It would make sense for Tomasi and Jurgens to keep their stories separate, as both have different approaches to the Man of Steel. Tomasi seems to be taking a more drama-focused look at Superman, while Jurgens Action Comics is focusing on, well, action.

Readers will witness Jon going through the same struggles as his father when Chapter 1 of The Son Of Superman releases on June 15th. You’ll be able to find it at all good comic book stores and digitally.

Check out a sneak preview and variant cover by Kenneth Rocafort below courtesy of Comic Book Resources.

Superman #1 preview page by Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason. DC Comics Rebirth.
Superman #1 preview page by Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason. DC Comics Rebirth.
Superman #1 preview page by Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason. DC Comics Rebirth.
Superman #1 preview page by Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason. DC Comics Rebirth.
Superman #1 variant cover by Kenneth Rocafort.

For the latest information on DC Rebirth check out the DC Comics Rebirth Guide. You can also read other DC Rebirth previews.

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  • I like that they’re embracing the whole “Superman has a son” story that they abandoned in the movies after Superman Returns. It’s kind of like a throwback to earlier stories of Clark’s adventures when he was a kid, with the added dynamic that Jon has Clark as the ultimate role model, whereas young Clark had to figure out everything himself. It also continues the theme of “legacy” that was introduced in the DC Comics Rebirth one-shot.

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