11 Comics You Should Read In May 2016
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11 Comics You Should Read In May 2016

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Each month I like to showcase a batch of new comics that you should be reading. I try and make it varied, mixing up creative ideas, genres and different storytelling to create a list that will have something that will appeal to everyone. This month there is Saturday morning cartoon nostalgia, big superhero events, bounty hunters and much more.

Don’t forget to tell me in the comments below which comics you will be reading this month!

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink #1 cover by Elsa Charretier

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink

Written by Brenden Fletcher and Kelly Thompson. Art by Daniele Di Nicuolo. Published by BOOM Studios.

The Pink Ranger, Kimberly Hart, is getting her own solo comic miniseries. This 6-part series is set after she left the Power Rangers to pursue a life as a professional gymnast, but Zordon has called her back for one last mission against the evil Zord.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink #1 is available from May 25th.

Weaver #1 cover by Dylan Burnett


Written by Simon Spurrier. Art by Dylan Burnett. Published by BOOM Studios.

Mixing organised crime with the supernatural, Weavers is a 6-part miniseries like no other. When Sid joins The Weavers, a crime family which are bound by spooky spiders that live inside them and give them abilities, he jumps at the opportunity and soon learns that he can use it to his own advantage.

Weavers #1 is available from May 4th.

Satellite Falling #1 cover by Stephen Thompson.

Satellite Falling

Written by Steve Horton. Art by Stephen Thompson. Published by IDW Publishing.

Satellite Falling is a science-fiction crime series which follow a bounty hunter on a space station. After losing the love of her life she decides to leave her home planet and surround herself with aliens. This series promises plenty of action, strange dialogue and kick-ass heroines.

Satellite Falling #1 is avilable from May 4th.

 Renato Jones The One Percent #1 cover by Kaare Andrews.

Renato Jones The One Percent

Written and art by Kaare Andrews. Published by Image Comics.

In this new creator-owned series the super-rich have taken over the world. They own governments, crashed economies and for some reason they still want more. But one man, Renato Jones, is out to stop them with his own brand of vigilante justice.

Renato Jones The One Percent #1 is available from May 4th.

Lumberjanes Makin' The Ghost Of It 2016 Special cover by Jen Wang.

Lumberjanes Makin’ The Ghost Of It 2016 Special

Written by Jen Wang and Kelly Thompson. Art by Catherine Norrie and Savannah Ganucheau.

Lumberjanes has a new special all about spooky camp fire stories. While out in the wilderness the girls tell each other spooky stories, but will they be able to sleep? Whether you a long-time fan of Lumberjanes or a brand new one there’s plenty to enjoy about this special which features stories by some very talented women.

Lumberjanes Makin’ The Ghost Of It 2016 Special is available from May 18th.

DC Universe Rebirth One-shot cover by Gary Frank.

DC Universe Rebirth

Written by Geoff Johns. Art by Ethan Van Sciver, Ivan Reis, Gary Frank and Phil Jimenez. Published by DC Comics.

This special one-shot kicks off a new era of DC Comics known as Rebirth. While the story details are slim this has promised to be HUGE, with a big scale story, a death, the return of heroes that have been MIA and secrets will be revealed. Spanning 80 pages at a $2.99 price-point, it’s also the most affordable comic this month.

DC Universe Rebirth wil be available from May 25th.

Civil War #0 cover by Olivier Coipel.

Civil War II #0

Written by Brian Michael Bendis. Art by Olivier Coipel. Published by Marvel Comics.

Civil War II is Marvel’s big Summer event for this year, which will see heroes in an ideological battle. This #0 issue acts as a prelude and will get you up to speed with everything you need to know going in – including characters and the current Marvel status quo.

Civil War II #0 is available from May 18th.

Mae #1 cover by Gene Ha.


Written and art by Gene Ha. Published by Dark Horse Comics.

Originally a very successful Kickstarter, Gene Ha’s Mae has reached will now reach a wider audience thanks to Dark Horse Comics. When Abbie was a child she discovered a portal into a magical realm where she became a hero. When she turned 21 she decided to come back to the real world, but her sister Mae simply doesn’t believe her. That’s until her fantasy world starts crossing over into the real world.

Mae #1 is available from May 18th.

Brutal Nature #1 cover by Ariel Olivetti.

Brutal Nature

Written by Luciano Saracino. Art by Ariel Olivetti. Published by IDW Publishing.

Brutal Nature is a 4-part miniseries that focuses of Ich, who posses a collection of masks which allow him to transform into a different beasts. With this ability he fights for his native land Columbia against the invading Spanish. This series is worth looking out for as Ariel Olivetti’s art is stunning and with a concept like this there’s the potential for him to go all out.

Brutal Nature #1 is available from May 18th

Future Quest #1 cover by Evan Shaner.

Future Quest

Written by Jeff Parker. Art by Evan Shaner. Published by DC Comics.

Oozing in Saturday Morning cartoons nostalgia, Future Quest brings together many of the action and adventure characters from Hanna-Barbara’s diverse line-up. Featuring Johnny Quest, Space Ghost, Space Rangers and more this looks like it will be a very fun series full of action and adventure. If you grew up on these characters then you’ll want to check out this new ongoing series.

Future Quest #1 is available from May 18th.

4001 AD #1 cover by Clayton Crain.

4001 AD

Written by Matt Kindt. Art by Clayton Crain and David Mack. Published by Valiant Entertainment.

4001AD is Valiant Entertainment’s new Summer event set in the far-flung future. Starring Rai and a batch of Valiant’s other heroes this looks like it will be a story full of big ideas, action and incredible art.

You can find out more about 4001 AD in the Reading Order Checklist.

4001 AD #1 is available from May 4th.

What Comics Will You Be Reading This May?

Which of these May comics will you be reading this month? Let me know in the comments below or via the How to Love Comics Facebook or Twitter.


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