Valiant’s 4001 AD Reading Order Guide
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Valiant’s 4001 AD Reading Order Guide

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4001 A.D is Valiant Entertainment’s new Summer comics event set in the far-flung future. Starting in May and continuing up until the end of August, 4001 A.D will be told through the main 4-part miniseries, 4001 A.D, issues #13-16 of Rai and through a series of one-shot stories. These one-shots will each star a different Valiant character and tell their perspective of the events and setting in this far-out future – including a brand new character. The main series will be masterminded by Valiant regular Matt Kindt with the stunning artist Clayton Crain.

So what is it about? The futuristic city-state of New Japan has separated from the rest of Earth and is now situated in Earth’s orbit where it now operates independently under the rule of Father. Father, an AI which governs the state, created the Rai as a protector of New Japan from threats outside and serve him without question. This has been happening for hundreds of years until a newly appointed Rai has discovered Father’s dark plans and has decided to rebel against him. Rai and a group of heroes from New Japan have joined forces in order to take down it’s malevolent ruler.

As comic events can sometimes be a bit confusing, I’ve created the 4001 A.D. Reading Order Guide. This handy guide not only gives you a reading order but also lists the creative teams, release dates and tie-ins involved.

If any details are wrong or get changed kindly let me know and I’ll update the list.

How Do I Read 4001 A.D?

There are a few different ways that you can read the 4001 A.D depending on how invested you want to get into this event. These are:

  1. Just read 4001 A.D #1-4
  2. Read 4001 A.D #1-4 and all of the tie-ins
  3. Read 4001 A.D and any of the tie-ins that appeal to you based on the creators or characters involved
4001AD event checklist. Artwork by Clayton Crain.


4001 A.D. #1
Written by Matt Kindt. Art by Clayton Crain and David Mack.
Available May 4th.

4001 A.D.: X-O Manowar #1 (one-shot tie-in)
Written by Robert Venditti. Art by Clayton Henry.
Available May 11th.

Rai #13 (tie-in)
Written by Matt Kindt. Art by CAFU.
Available May 18th.

4001 A.D. #2 cover by Clayton Crain.


4001 A.D. #2
Written by Matt Kindt. Art by Clayton Crain.
Available June.

4001 A.D.: X-O Bloodshot #1 (one-shot tie-in)
Written by Jeff Lemire. Art by Doug Braithwaite.
Available June.

Rai #14 (tie-in)
Written by Matt Kindt. Art by CAFU.
Available June.

4001 A.D. #3 cover by Clayton Crain.


4001 A.D. #3
Written by Matt Kindt. Art by Clayton Crain.
Available June.

4001 A.D.: Shadowman #1 (one-shot tie-in)
Written by Jody Houser and Rafer Roberts. Art by Robert Gill.
Available July.

Rai #15 (tie-in)
Written by Matt Kindt. Art by CAFU.
Available July.

4001 A.D. #4 cover by Clayton Crain.


4001 A.D.: War Mother #1 (one-shot tie-in)
Written by Fred Van Lente. Art by Tomás Giorello.
Available August.

Rai #16 (tie-in)
Written by Matt Kindt. Art by CAFU.
Available August.

4001 A.D. #4
Written by Matt Kindt. Art by Clayton Crain.
Available August.

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Will You Be Reading 4001 A.D?

Will you be reading Valiant’s futuristic Summer event? Let me know in the comments below or via Facebook or Twitter.


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Comments (5)

  • Hey, I was a big fan of Valiant back in the early 90s, even reading with Acclaim. Comic book store manager, dealer, etc. but…but…now they are too damned expensive, alas. Sorry! And retired as I am, even on a comfortable fixed income, I’m not willing to shell out $3.99 a pop anymore. Digital version? Often the same price. Nope. A damn shame, but comic books much as I still love em…dayum! 4001 A.D. sounds like fun, though…

  • Just bought and read Rai deluxe edition (hard cover) which included issues 1-12 so that I could be up to speed and start reading the monthly editions (starting with #13). It was a great read and an unbelievable value (I pre-ordered it from for $20). I’m hooked and will read the entire 4001 series. In excited about the new character war mother (but not so wild about cover A).

  • WOW…..I can’t believe you actually have this crossover reading guide…..have followed this site for a while now and have always been amazed at the work you put into this…..thanks again and keep reading comics

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