The Megalist of Comic Book Secret Identities
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The Megalist of Comic Book Secret Identities

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Have you ever wondered who the secret identity of your favourite superheroes was? Well, worry no more with The Megalist of Comic Book Secret Identities! This list aims to answer your burning questions, such as “who is the secret identity of Green Arrow?”, or any of your favourite superheroes. In 5 minutes you’ll be an expert, thanks to this list.

This megalist aims to be a living document, which will be updated regularly and expanded on. So far, I’ve split this up into two lists, DC Comics and Marvel, but if there is demand I’ll expand into other comics universes. How regular I update this will depend on your feedback so please let me know if you would like to see this expanded on.

Let’s get into the list. Enjoy!

DC Comics

Real NameHero
Bernhard “Buddy” BakerAnimal Man
Arthur CurryAquaman
Cassandra CainBatgirl (Second), Black Bat
Barbra GordonBatgirl, Oracle (Formally)
Bruce WayneBatman
Terry McGinnisBatman (Future)
Kate KaneBatwoman
Garfield Mark “Gar” LoganBeast Boy
Dinah Laurel LanceBlack Canary
Dan GarretBlue Beetle (First)
Jaime ReyesBlue Beetle (Second)
Ted KordBlue Beetle (Second)
Michael Jon CarterBooster Gold
Selina KyleCatwoman
Victor StoneCyborg
Ralph DibnyElongated Man
Oliver QueenGreen Arrow (First and Current)
Connor HawkeGreen Arrow (Second)
Hal JordanGreen Lantern (Second and Current)
John StewartGreen Lantern (Third and Current)
Harleen QuinzelHarley Quinn
Shiera Sanders HallHawkgirl
Carter HallHawkman
Katar HolHawkman
Helena BertinelliHuntress
Wally WestKid Flash, The Flash (Third)
J’onn J’onzzMartian Manhunter
Dick GraysonNightwing, First Robin
Kara Zor-LPower Girl
Rachel RothRaven
Tim DrakeRed Robin
Damian WayneRobin (Current)
Jason ToddRobin (Second), Red Hood
Roy HarperSpeedy, Red Arrow, Aresenal
Stephanie BrownSpolier, Robin (Fourth), Batgirl (Third)
Ted KnightStarman
Kara Zor-ElSupergirl
Clark Kent (Krytonian Name: Kal-El)Superman
Alec HollandSwamp Thing
Ray PalmerThe Atom
Barry AllenThe Flash (Current)
Mari McCabeVixen
Donna TroyWonder Girl, Darkstar, Troia
Diana PrinceWonder Woman

Marvel Comics

Real NameHero
Hank PymAnt-Man (First), Yellowjacket, Giant-Man
Scott LangAnt-Man (Second)
Eric O’GradyAnt-Man (Third)
Henry Philip “Hank” McCoyBeast
T’ChallaBlack Panther
Natasha RomanovaBlack Widow
Eric BrooksBlade
Bucky BarnesBucky, The Winter Soldier, Captain America (Second)
Nathan SummersCable
Steve RogersCaptain America (First)
Carol DanversCaptain Marvel
Piotr “Peter” Nikolaievitch RasputinColossus
Scott SummersCyclops
Matt MurdockDaredevil
Wade WilsonDeadpool
Steven StrangeDoctor Strange
Johnny BlazeGhost Rider (First)
Robbie ReyesGhost Rider (Fourth)
Danny KetchGhost Rider (Second)
AlejandraGhost Rider (Third)
Clint BartonHawkeye
Robert “Bobby” Louis DrakeIceman
Sue StormInvisible Woman
Danny RandIron Fist
Tony StarkIron Man
Illyana RasputinMagik
Marc SpectorMoon Knight
Reed RichardsMr Fantastic
Kamala KhanMs Marvel (Fourth)
Kurt WagnerNightcrawler
Richard RiderNova (First)
Sam AlexanderNova (Second)
Luke CagePowerman
Charles Francis XavierProfessor X
Elizabeth “Betsy” BraddockPsylocke
Thaddeus E. RossRed Hulk
Wanda MaximoffScarlet Witch
Kitty PrideShadowcat
Jennifer “Jen” WaltersShe-Hulk
Norrin RaddSilver Surfer
Peter ParkerSpider-Man
Miles MoralesSpider-Man (Ultimate)
Jessica DrewSpider-Woman
Doreen GreenSquirrel Girl
Peter QuillStar-Lord
Ororo MunroeStorm
Sam WilsonThe Flacon, Captain America (Third)
Bruce BannerThe Hulk (First)
Amadeus ChoThe Hulk (Second)
Johnny StormThe Human Torch
Frank CastleThe Punisher
Ben GrimThe Thing
Emma FrostThe White Queen
James RhodesWar Machine, Iron Patriot (Second)
James “Logan” HowlettWolverine (First)
Laura KinneyX-23, Wolverine (Second)

Have Your Say!

I’ve only scratched the surface with this lists. Let me know who you want to see included in the comments or via How to Love Comics Facebook or Twitter.


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Comments (6)

  • Thanks for this! Now really!
    This list is perfect, it allow me to tell some storys to my youngest. He didn’t care mutch but i was proud to show him one of the things i like. It helped this christmas to be less shitty! So thanks a lot.
    Best compliments. Eduardo “preto” Nobre

  • Hey Trevor, might be better to sort the list alphabetically by the HERO name rather than real name. Just a suggestion. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi anonymous commenter, thanks for letting me know. Feel free to give some constructive feedback on how it can become a megalist.

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