The Comics You Should Read This June 2015
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The Comics You Should Read This June 2015

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After a short break from this column, the monthly comics you should read list is back! This June I showcase all kinds of comics featuring ancient dinosaurs, plants that fight zombies, everyone’s favourite space tree, a long distance relationship, 1990’s nostalgia and much more!

Let me know what you will be reading in the comments below!

Age of Reptiles: Ancient Egyptians #1 cover by Ricardo Delgado.

Age of Reptiles: Ancient Egyptians

Written and Art by Ricardo Delgado. Published by Dark Horse Comics.

Ricardo Delgado’s classic silent dinosaur comic book series is back! Based on the pages I have seen thus far, Age of Reptiles: Ancient Egyptians is both beautifully rendered and brutal in it’s depiction of dinosaur life in the Cretaceous period. If you’ve never read Age of Reptiles before, don’t worry, this is a great jumping on point.

Age of Reptiles: Ancient Egyptians is available from June 3rd.


Midnight Society: The Black Lake

Written and Art by Drew Edward Johnson. Published by Dark Horse Comics.

Secret agent Matilda Finn must face the horrors that come from Scotland’s Loch Ness in this new creator owned series by Wonder Woman Drew Edward Johnson. What did England’s greatest adventurers do forty years ago to cause this horrible threat? You’ll have to read to find out!

Midnight Society: The Black Lake #1 is available June 10th.

Plants vs Zombies: Bully For You #1 cover by Ron Chan.

Plants vs Zombies: Bully For You

Written by Paul Tobin. Art by Ron Chan and Dustin Nguyen. Published by Dark Horse Comics.

The plants and zombies are back for another comic book romp in this new miniseries. This time around Neighborville has two zombie armies coming its way and Dr. Zomboss’s crime-filled college years are revealed! As an added bonus, Plants vs Zombies: Bully For You includes two bonus strips from artist Dustin Nguyen – who’s famous for his fantastic Batman Lil’ Gotham and Descender.

Plants vs Zombies: Bully For You #1 is available from June 17th.

Mickey Mounse #1 cover by Andrea "Casty" Castellan.

Micky Mouse

Written by Andrea “Casty” Castellan, Bill Walsh, Jonathan Gray. Art by Giorgio Cavazzano, Manuel Gonzales. Published by IDW Publishing.

The world’s most famous mouse is back in comic book form! Expect plenty of adventure from Micky as his friends in this 48 page Disney bonanza, suitable for all ages. This is perfect for those who want to relive their childhood or those looking for something suitable to read for young readers.

Mickey Mouse #1 is available from June 3rd.

Long Distance #1 cover by Thomas Zahler.

Long Distance

Written and Art by Thomas F. Zahler. Published by IDW Publishing.

This four issue miniseries is all about a couple who meet in an airport and instantly hit it off – the only problem is that they live 3000 miles apart. Can this newly formed relationship succumb the distance, or is doomed to fail? If you enjoy romance stories then you’ll definitely want to give Long Distance a try.

Long Distance is available from June 17th.

Empty Zone #1 cover by Jason Shawn Alexander.

Empty Zone

Written and Art by Jason Shawn Alexander. Published by Image Comics.

Empty Zone is a science fiction horror series set in a dystopian world of animal/human hybrids, reanimated corpses and all kinds of horrible things. At the centre of this is Corinne White who must reconcile for elements of her violent past as well as surviving this terrible future world.

Empty Zone is available from June 17th.

X-Men '92 #1 cover by Pepe Larraz.

X-Men ’92

Written by Chris Sims. Art by Scott Koblish. Published by Marvel Comics.

People of a certain age would remember the animated X-Men series with much fondness. Now you can relive the action, adventure and drama through X-Men ’92 which is a series set in the universe of the classic animated series. This series is perfect for anyone who needs an injection of early 90s animation nostalgia, mixed with the great art of Scott Koblish.

X-Men ’92 #1 is available in print from June 24th and is available in Marvel’s Infinite digital format now.

Groot #1 cover Declan Shalvey.


Written by Jeff Loveness. Art by Brian Kesinger. Published by Marvel Comics.

Everyone’s favourite walking tree, Groot, is finally getting his own series! While on an intergalactic roadtrip, Groot and his pal Rocket Raccoon get separated and Groot is on is own for the very first time. Expect plenty of physical humour – rendered by Disney Animation young gun Brian Kesinger – as well space sharks, language barriers and all kinds of craziness.

Groot #1 will be available from June 3rd.

Giant Sized Little Marvel: AvX #1 cover by Skottie Young.

Giant-Size Little Marvel AvX

Written and Art by Skottie Young. Published by Marvel Comics.

If you’re a fan of Skottie Young’s signature variant covers, which depict Marvel Heroes as kids, then this is the Secret Wars series for you. Instead of just a cover we have a who series of it with kid Avengers taking on id X-Men in what I’m sure is over dominance of the playground. Although, don’t worry if you’re not read Secret Wars as this looks like it will be removed the event to be stand alone – and very fun!

Giant-Size Little Marvel AvX #1 will be available from June 3rd.

Weirdworld #1 cover by Mike Del Mundo.


Written by Jason Aaron. Art by Mike Del Mundo. Published by Marvel Comics.

Weirdworld is a Marvel’s own Barbarian/Sword and Sorcery series, which was originally created back in the 70s. As part of Secret Wars, Marvel have decided to bring it back and with a fantastic creative team too! Jason Aaron has been kicking goals as the writer of Thor, while Mike Del Mundo is a fantastic, and sometime surreal, artist. Together this series should be on you’re radar, even if barbarian stories are not your kind of thing.

Weirdworld #1 is available from June 10th.

Your Guide to DC Comics' Diverse New Line-Up in June

DC Comics

Written and Art by Various.

Throughout June DC Comics is making a huge effort to get new reader aboard their comics with more than 20 new series and all their existing comics being great jumping on points. Best yet, DC have consciously tried to make these new comics launching in June a bit more diverse than they had in recent times. No longer is there the house style of grim and gritty, with lighter tones and even comics aimed at all ages being represented. There’s also a great mix of creative teams present too, with more female talent as well as people of a variety of backgrounds. If you’re not sure what to read DC Comics launched sneak peek stories for the majority of them, which you can read here.

All the new series and jumping on points will be available throughout June.

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