PREVIEW: Giant Days #1 – A Series About Surviving University Life
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PREVIEW: Giant Days #1 – A Series About Surviving University Life

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Starting university is a time when young people find out who they are and begin to mold who they will become. It’s a time of fear, awkwardness and fun all rolled into one. BOOM! Box’s new 6 issue series, Giant Days, explores this time in a person’s life. Written by John Allison and art by Lissa Treiman, Giant Days looks to be a relatable series about three young girls trying to survive their first semester of university.

Giant Days #1 cover by Lissa Treiman.

Susan, Esther, and Daisy have only known each other for three weeks but they have become the best of friends. They have also been at University for that long, living away from home for the first time. Like many people do when they go to university, they want to reinvent themselves. But in that process they must also survive the semester, amongst all the study, crushes on hot guys and university life. Ultimately, Giant Days is a series about finding out who you are in a transitioning time in your life and friendship.

Originally a short webcomic series, John Allison has revisited Giant Days (Best know for Bad Machinery) in the monthly format. This has allowed him expand the story and character relationships. The original webcomic is not required reading as everything you need to know will be set-up in Giant Days #1, but for those curious it can be found on Comixology.

Along for the ride this time is artist Lissa Treiman. Based on the preview below, her art has plenty of fluid motion and is very expressive. This allows for characters which show emotion, but also adds to the comedic element of the title.

Giant Days would appeal to anyone who has recently, or will be soon starting university, as I believe there are elements that many will find relatable. Also, if you’re a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Scott Pilgrim you will most likely enjoy Giant Days.

Giant Days #1 is available from March 18th at all good comic book stores and digitally.

Take a peek at the variant cover by Meredith Gran and a three-page preview below.

Giant Days #1 cover A by Meredith Gran.
Giant Days #1 preview page 1 by Lissa Treiman.
Giant Days #1 preview page 2 by Lissa Treiman.
Giant Days #1 preview page 3 by Lissa Treiman.

Will you be Reading Giant Days?

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  • I realy like the style. so it is a Yes! Yes I would like to read ”giant days”. Was planning to buy it in London. But can not leave Sweden at the moment. How do I do? Is it possible to send it to me?

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