7 Graphic Novels You Should Read in March 2015
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7 Graphic Novels You Should Read in March 2015

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Every month I like to spotlight some of the new graphic novels you should read for that month. I try to keep it quite varied with different styles of art, storytelling, publisher and genre. March offers up a mixture of missing treehouses, giant monsters, the lampooning of ancient war texts, Japanese Buffy and a new sheriff in town.

If anything grabs your attention let me know in the comments below. I am always interesting what others are reading.

Trash Market cover by by Tadao Tsuge.

Trash Market

Written and Art by Tadao Tsuge. Published by Drawn & Quarterly.

Trash Market is a collection of short stories by avant-garde manga cartoonist Tadao Tsuge from the late 60s and 70s. While a work of fiction, this collection of 6 character-driven stories have a journalistic angle- showing gritty side of post-World War II Tokyo.

Trash Market is available from March 24th.

Last Man Volume 1: The Stranger by Bastien Vivès, Michaël Sanlaville and Balak

Last Man Volume 1: The Stranger

Created by Bastien Vivès, Michaël Sanlaville and Balak. Published by First Second Books.

Combining creative forces from french video games, animation and comics comes the first volume of Last Man, which has finally been translated into English. This martial arts fantasy series will appeal to a youth audience due to it’s young driven characters and heavy influence from Japanese and video gaming culture. The last Man is intended to be a 12 volume run, with First Second releasing multiple volumes each year.

Last Man Volume 1: The Stranger is available from March 31st.

Tiny Titans: Return to the Treehouse cover by Art Baltazar.

Tiny Titans: Return to the Treehouse

Written by Art Baltazar and Franco. Art by Art Baltazar. Published by DC Comics

Tiny Titans is a fun little series set in an alternate universe that stars primarily child versions of DC’s heroes in school. Return to the Treehouse sees the group of heroes as they attempt to discover what happened to their treehouse headquaters that has seemed to have disappear. This is a series for anyone who enjoys fun storytelling, whether they are young or old.

Tiny Titans: Return to the Treehouse is available from March 11th.

Deadpool's Art of War cover by Scott Koblish.

Deadpool’s Art of War

Written by Peter David. Art by Scott Koblish. Published by Marvel Comics.

You might have heard of Sun Zu’s Art of War, the definitive book on war strategy and tactics. Well think of this as Deadpool’s version of it. In classic Deadpool fashion, elements have been lampooned in a way that only Deadpool can. The funnier thing is that he wants his version to sell more than the original and is willing to do anything he can to do it – even start a war himself.

Deadpool’s Art of War is available from March 18th.

Wayward Volume 1: String Theory cover by Steve Cummings.

Wayward Volume 1: String Theory

Written by Jim Zub. Art by Steve Cummings. Published by Image Comics.

Wayward is about a Western girl living in Japan who discovers that she has the power to fight mythological monsters. Think of it sort of like Buffy the Vampire Slayer but with a more Japanese folklore bend to it. The best thing about it is that it is well researched taking elements of real Japanese folklore as well as Japan in a way that feels more genuine than other Western media. Volume 1 collects issues #1-5, but issue #6 is released on the same day so pick that up too.

Wayward Volume 1: String Theory is available from March 25th.

Copperhead volume 1 cover by Scott Godlewski.

Copperhead Volume 1: A New Sheriff in Town

Written by Jay Faerber. Art by Scott Godlewski. Published by  Image Comics.

I’ve talked about Copperhead a few times on this site before, but if you are not familiar with the idea it’s essentially a science fiction western series full of action, mystery and great characterisation. It was even voted in 3rd in the readers poll of Best Comics of 2014. In March issues #1-5 will be collected for those who prefer to read their comics in this format.

Copperhead Volume 1: A New Sheriff in Town is available from March 11th.

Godzilla Cataclysm cover by Dave Watcher.

Godzilla Cataclysm

Written by Cullen Bunn. Art by Dave Watcher. Published by IDW Publishing.

Set in a world where giant monsters rule, Godzilla Cataclysm follows a group of some of the last survivors. They think the worst is over but, little did they know that this is definitely not the case. Only a link to the past will be able to save them. If you are looking for a Godzilla story that is a little bit different, but has all the familiar elements then this is a story for you.

Godzilla Cataclysm is available from March 11th.

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