13 Comics You Should Read in March 2015
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13 Comics You Should Read in March 2015

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Each month I like to showcase a batch of new comics that you should be reading this month. I try and make it varied, mixing up creative directions, genres and different storytelling to have something that will appeal to everyone. March sees a mixture of child robots, time-travel, over-the-top 80s fashion, detective ducks and much more.

As always let me know in the comments which comics you will be reading this month. Keep an eye out in the coming days for the Graphic Novels You Should Read in March. Finally, you can see previous month’s lists here.

Jem and the Holigrams #1 Cover A by Ross Campbell.

Jem and the Holograms

Written by Kelly Thompson. Art by Ross Campbell. Published by IDW Publishing.

2015 looks like it will be Jem and the Holograms’ come back year with a movie in the works and IDW releasing a new comic series. For those not familiar with the property, it was an animated series that ran in the latter half of the 80s about an all-girl rockband known as The Holograms. In this new comic book series Kelly Thompson and Ross Campbell ramp this concept up to 11 with over-the-top 80s rock flair and dazzling lights.

Jem and the Holograms #1 is available from March 25th.

Descender #1 cover by Dustin Nguyen.


Written by Jeff Lemire. Art by Dustin Nguyen. Published by Image Comics.

Descender is a heartfelt science fiction story about a child robot struggling to stay alive in a world that has outlawed androids. Expect an emotional story in a similar manner to Jeff Lemire’s other recent work such as Trillium. On art-duties is Dustin Nguyen whose watercoloured styles is personal but at the same time expansive.

As an added bonus, this début issue will be extra-sized with 40 pages of story for only $2.99.

Descender #1 is available from March 4th.

Batman: Arkham Knight #1 cover by Dan Panosian.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Written by Pete Tomasi. Art by Viktor Bogdanovic and Art Thibert. Published by DC Comics.

If you can’t wait to play Batman: Arkham Knight I highly suggest picking up this series which acts as a prequel to the game. Set after the events of Arkham City, Batman is recovering from his injuries and questioning if he is the best way to protect the city.

Batman: Arkham Knight #1 is available from March 11th.

Miami Vice: Remix #1 cover by Jim Mahfood.

Miami Vice: Remixed

Written by Joe Casey. Art by Jim Mahfood. Published by IDW Publishing.

Not only is IDW bringing back Jem and the Holograms this month they are also bringing back another 80s classic in Miami Vice. Although, this is not a straight-up adaptation of Miami Vice but takes the core of the show and takes it in some wild directions.

Miami Vice: Remixed #1 is available from March 18th.

Howard the Duck #1 cover by Joe Quinones.

Howard the Duck

Written by Chip Zdarsky. Art by Joe Quinones. Published by Marvel Comics.

Howard the Duck hasn’t had his own comic in some time, but when he appeared in the after-credits scene in Guardians of the Galaxy it set of a semi-revival of the character. In this new series see Howard take on detective cases of the strange variety, with plenty of humour to be had.

Howard the Duck is available March 11th.

The Fly: Outbreak #1 cover by menton3.

The Fly: Outbreak

Written by Brandon Seifert. Art by mention3. Published by IDW Publishing.

This 5-issue miniseries is the sequel to David Cronenberg’s The Fly, picking up directly where the film left off. After the events of the film the scientist tries to find a way to cure his son’s half-mutated genes. although, instead of finding a cure, he creates an outbreak of horrific proportions.

The Fly: Outbreak #1 is available from March 18th.

Princess Leia #1 cover by Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson.

Princess Leia

Written by Mark Waid. Art by Terry Dodson. Published by Marvel Comics.

Over the past few months Marvel has been reintroducing Star Wars back to the comic book format. They came out of the gate big with the main Star Wars and Darth Vader series and look to keep that momentum going with a Princess Leia miniseries. Set straight after A New Hope, this new comic sees her come to terms with planet Alderaan being distroyed as well as kicking butt as only she can do.

Princess Leia #1 is available from March 4th.

Bill & Ted: Most Triumphant Return #1 cover by Felipe Smith.

Bill & Ted: Most Triumphant Return

Written by Brian Lynch and Ryan North. Art by Jerry Gaylord and Ian McGinty. Published by BOOM! Studios.

Bill & Ted triumphantly return in a new 5-issue miniseries which sees more time-travel shenanigans. This series has an interesting set-up in that it is broken up into two sets of stories with Brian Lynch and Jerry Gaylord doing one and Ian McGinty doing the other. If you are a fan of the Bill & Ted movies then you should definitely pick this up.

Bill & Ted: Most Triumphant Return #1 is available from March 11th.

Chrononauts #1 cover by Sean Murphy.


Written by Mark Millar. Art by Sean Murphy. Published by Image Comics.

Speaking of time travel, March also brings Chrononauts by Mark Millar and Sean Murphy. Mark Millar, best known for Kick-Ass and The Secret Service, is well known for taking concepts and turning them on its head – creating something new in the process. Additionally, Sean Murphy is a fantastic artist and with this time-travel being the basis of the story we should see some varied and fun visuals.

Chrononauts #1 is available on March 18th.

Big Man Plans #1 cover by Eric Powell.

Big Man Plans

Written by Eric Powell and Tim Weisch. Art by Eric Powell. Published by Image Comics.

Big Man Plans is a new dark and gritty crime series by Eric Powell, best know for The Goon, and Tim Weisch. This 4-issue miniseries promises to be quite brutal with the most marginalised in the story able to exact revenge. All they have to do is not care how they do it.

Big Man Plans #1 comes out on March 4th.

Strange Sports Stories #1 by Paul Pope.

Strange Sports Stories

Written and art by Various. Published by Vertigo Comics.

Strange Sports Stories was an anthology series that ran for a short period in the 70s that featured odd sports related tales. This March the concept will be revised with this new series from Vertigo which aims to do the same thing. Usually Vertigo’s anthologies attract some great creators (both new and established) and this is no different with Paul Pope, Gilbert Hernandez, Christopher Mitten, Darick Robertson and Monica Gallagher just to name a few.

Strange Sports Stories #1 is available from March 18th.

Amazing Spider-Man #16.1 cover by Arthur Adams.

Amazing Spider-Man #16.1

Written by Gerry Conway. Art by Carlo Barberi. Published by Marvel Comics.

Don’t be fooled by the numbering you don’t need to have read Amazing Spider-Man #1-16 to understand this storyline. Marvel have been using decimal point numbering to signify miniseires with Spider-Man since the recent relaunch. Titled “Spiral”, this particular story sees Spidey take on the seedy and super-powered criminal underworld of New York City as he teams up with a vigilante who might not play by the same rules.

Amazing Spider-Man #16.1 is available from March 18th.

All-New Hawkeye #1 cover by Ramon Perez.

All-New Hawkeye

Written by Jeff Lemire. Art by Ramon Perez. Published by Marvel Comics.

If you’ve read the previous Hawkeye series you will know that any following Hawkeye stories will be a hard act to follow. Instead of trying to do more of the same Jeff Lemire and Ramon Perez will be teaming up to point Hawkeye in a new direction full of adventure. Past and present lives will collide for both Clint Barton and Kate Bishop in this multi-generational story.

All-New Hawkeye #1 is available form Marst 4th.

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  • Descender and Chrononauts were amazing! Leia has potential (I trust in Waid!). I do Marvel Unlimited so I will have to wait to read All-New Hawkeye and Howard the Duck…can’t wait!

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