PREVIEW: Copperhead #1 – A Science Fiction Western With Mystery
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PREVIEW: Copperhead #1 – A Science Fiction Western With Mystery

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Transport yourself to the 24th century with Copperhead by writer Jay Faerber, artist Scott Godlewski and published by Image Comics. Copperhead is no ordinary science fiction series, mixing elements of western in a similar vein to Firefly. It is also one of mystery, not only with the female protagonist, Clara, but also with the community that surrounds her.

Copperhead #1 cover by Scott Godlewski. Image Comics. Science Fiction comics.

This new series follows Clara Bronson, a single mother who has just taken the job of sheriff in the 24th century mining town of Copperhead. It is unknown why she has taken the job but with a string of secrets there have been many theories. One of which is that she is on the run and her relocation is an attempt to escape he perusers. Whatever the case, she is not the only one with secrets. The community of Copperhead is more than it seems.

While she is trying to discover the secret she also has to worry about her deputy. He has been wanting her job since before she even started it and he is not going to make her life easy.

If you were a fan of the science fiction western elements of Firefly then you will probably dig Copperhead. Although, this series takes it to the next level by adding a slew of different alien characters, which firmly plants this series on another world.

Copperhead has had a big endorsement by popular writer Brian K Vaughan (Saga, Y: The Last Man). In a recent Image Comics press release he stated:

“Copperhead is the best Image debut of the year and my favorite new comic.”

That’s a huge compliment!

Based on the preview pages alone, Scott Godlewski’s art is great. He has created a town that looks like the kind that you might see in a western, but has given it science fiction styling through sleek vechicles and hard edged concrete buildings. Through the use of browns and other muted colours colourist Ron Riley given the town a very dusty feel, which not only adds to the western aspect, but also gives it character.

Copperhead #1 is available in all good comic book stores and digitally from September 10th.

Take a look at a preview below.

Copperhead #1 preview page 1 by Scott Godlewski.
Copperhead #1 preview page 2 by Scott Godlewski.
Copperhead #1 preview page 3 by Scott Godlewski.

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