Spider-Verse Reading Order Checklist.

Spider-Man: Spider-Verse Reading Order Checklist

Throughout the years there have been a variety of different versions of Spider-Man. Whether they be clones or from another universe, most of the time they have stayed in isolation and have never crossed over. Although, this is all going to change with the Spider-Verse. This Spider-Man event will feature as many versions of Spider-Man (as legally possible) and it could be assumed that many will team-up, while others will not get along.

While the main Spider-Verse story doesn’t start until November, there will be plenty of comics that lead to this huge storyline. The/labelled “Edge of Spider-Verse” feature stories of the variety of alternate Spider-Man’s who will play a big part in this event.

As to how many of these lead-in and tie-in stories you read is totally up to you. Usually, they are not required reading but may give you additional context to the character. If you on a budget then you should be able to wait until the main story (through Amazing Spider-Man) in November and still get a story with a beginning, middle and end.

Due to the wealth of tie-ins and the general confusion that events of this scale can have, I have created a Spider-Verse reading order checklist. This will detail all of the issues that are involved in this huge event, along with creative teams and release dates. This will be updated regularly as more information becomes available.

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Edge of Spider-Verse #2 cover by Robbi Rodriguez.
Edge of Spider-Verse #2 cover by Robbi Rodriguez.

Edge of Spider-Verse

Superior Spider-Man #32 – August 6th
Written by Dan Slott and Christos Gage. Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Adam Kubert.

Edge of Spider-Verse #1 (of 5) – September 10th
Written by David Hine and Fabrice Sapolsky. Art by Richard Isanove.

Superior Spider-Man #33 – September 17th
Written by Dan Slott and Christos Gage. Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli.

Edge of Spider-Verse #2 (of 5) – September 17th
Written by Jason Latour. Art by Robbi Rodriguez.

Note: Edge of Spider-Verse #2 is the first appearance of Spider-Gwen.

Edge of Spider-Verse #3 (of 5) – September 24th
Written by Dustin Weaver. Art by Dustin Weaver.

Edge of Spider-Verse #4 (of 5) – 1st October
Written by Clay McLeod Chapman. Art by Elia Bonnetti.

Amazing Spider-Man #7 – 8th October
Written by Dan Slott. Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli.

Edge of Spider-Verse #5 (of 5) – 15th October
Written by Gerard Way. Art by Jake Wyatt.

Spider-Man 2099 #5 – 15th October
Written by Peter David. Art by Rick Leonardi.

Amazing Spider-Man #8 – 22nd October
Written by Dan Slott. Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli.

Spider-Verse Promo by Mike Del Mundo.
Spider-Verse Promo by Mike Del Mundo.

Spider-Verse Reading Order

Amazing Spider-Man #9 (Part 1) – 5th November
Written by Dan Slott. Art by Olivier Coipel.

Spider-Verse Team-Up #1 (of 3) (tie-in) – 5th November
Written by Christos Gage and Roger Stern. Art by Dave Williams.

Spider-Verse #1 (of 2) (tie-in) – 12th November
Written by Dan Slott, Skottie Young, Robbie Thompson and Katie Cook. Art by Humberto Ramos, Jake Parker, Dennis Medri and Katie Cook.

Amazing Spider-Man #10 (Part 2) – 19th November
Written by Dan Slott. Art by Olivier Coipel.

Spider-Woman #1 (tie-in) – 19th November
Written by Dennis Hopeless. Art by Greg Land.

Scarlet Spiders #1 (of 3) (tie-in) – 26th November
Written by Mike Costa. Art by Paco Diaz.

Spider-Man 2099 #6 (tie-in) – 26th November
Written by Peter David. Art by Will Silney.

Amazing Spider-Man #11 (Part 3) – December 3rd
Written by Dan Slott. Art by Olivier Coipel.

Spider-Verse Team-Up #2 (of 3) (tie-in) – December 3rd
Written by Christos Gage and Gerry Conway. Art by Dave Williams and Paul Smith.

Scarlet Spiders #2 (of 3) (tie-in) – December 10th
Written by Mike Costa. Art by Paco Diaz.

Spider-Woman #2 (tie-in) – December 10th
Written by Dennis Hopeless. Art by Greg Land.

Amazing Spider-Man #12 (Part 4) – January 7th (Originally December 17th)
Written by Dan Slott. Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli.

Spider-Man 2099 #7 (tie-in) – January 7th (Originally December 24th)
Written by Peter David. Art by Will Silney.

Spider-Verse #2 (of 2) (tie-in) – January 14th
Written by Dan Slott, Kathryn Immonen, Jed McKay and others. Art by Mark Brooks, David Lafuente, Sheldon Vella and others.

Scarlet Spiders #3 (of 3) (tie-in) – January 21st
Written by Mike Costa. Art by Paco Diaz.

Amazing Spider-Man (Part 5) #13 – January 21st
Written by Dan Slott. Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli.

Spider-Woman #3 (tie-in) – January 21st
Written by Dennis Hopeless. Art by Greg Land.

Spider-Verse Team-Up #3 (of 3) (tie-in) – January 21st
Written by Christos Gage and Tom DeFalco. Art by Dave Williams and Ron Frenz.

Spider-Man 2099 #8 (tie-in) – January 28th
Written by Peter David. Art by Will Silney.

Amazing Spider-Man #14 (Part 6)
Written by Dan Slott. Art by Olivier Coipel.

Amazing Spider-Man #15 (Epilogue) – February 25th
Written by Dan Slott. Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli.

Spider-Woman #4 (Epilogue) – January 11th
Written by Dennis Hopeless. Art by Greg Land.

Spider-Verse Trade Paperback Releases

If you prefer to read Spider-Verse in the collected format, don’t worry, Spider-Verse is available in a trade paperback collection. It’s conveniently called Spider-Verse.

Amazing Spider-Man: Edge of Spider-Verse
Comics include: Edge of Spider-Verse #1-5

Comics include: Amazing Spider-Man #7-15, Superior Spider-Man #32-33, Spider-Verse #1-2, Spider-Verse Team-Up #1-3, Scarlet Spiders #1-3, Spider-Woman (2014) #1-4, Spider-Man 2099 (2014) #6-8 and material from Free Comic Book Day 2014 (Guardians Of The Galaxy) #1

After Spider-Verse

Spinning out of Spider-Verse are two new female-centric Spider-series. The first is Spider-Gwen and the other is Silk. Both of these series will begin in February. Also, a handful of the Spider-Verse characters will be returning in Secret Wars as part of the Spider-Verse tie-in miniseries.

Spider-Verse has a direct sequel called Spider-Geddon, which kicks off in October 2018.

Looking For More Spider-Man Related Reading Orders?

If Spider-Verse is not enough Spidey event action for you, How to Love Comics also hosts reading orders for the next two big Spider-stories – Spider-Women and The Clone Conspiracy too.

Will You Be Reading Spider-Verse?

Will you be reading this Spider-Man event? Let us know in the comments below or via our Facebook or Twitter.

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  • This is best site for events yo go organised. I recently started Blackest night but every time I google checklist for it I always found different.. Its really confusing.. Please help.

  • I just wanted to thank you for this. I’m relatively new to the reading of comics, as it’s not really big in my home country. But the Spider-verse was very interesting to me and this guide really helped me. Thanks!

  • I’m completely new to this comic reading. So is this where I should start reading Spider-Man? Or is this far too into the story? I don’t know ?

      • Actually there is no real order to read right? Even if I read all 5 parts of Edge of Spider-Verse and keep going from your order it will still make sense right?

      • There are a few ways you can read it depending on how invested you are in the story. The main story is told in the Amazing Spider-Man issues and you get a full story with that. All the other issues are side stories which tie into the main story and focus on other Spider-characters. It’s totally up to you if you want to read those ?

  • is this the actual sequence . I am confused since I saw the review made by nerd sync and comicstorian . They never mention about this type of sequence . Please tell me since i read this sources on online

    • As I mentioned above the list if you are just interested in the main story read the Amazing Spider-Man issues. The other issues tie-in to the main story but you do not have to read them if you don’t want to.

  • Hi, I’m a bit confused with the list. Just started reading comics so I’m not quite sure how things work in terms of tie-ins etc. Is it possible to read all of ASM to see the Spider-Verse story line? And what is the difference between reading just Spider-Verse and reading the entire checklist you’ve put up?

    • If you read only the ASM issues you’ll get a full story which is where the main story is for Spider-Verse. For big stories like this it is not uncommon to have secondary stories spinning out of the events of the main. They’re optional reading but worth checking out some of them if you’re really enjoying the story or want it fleshed out even more.

  • spiderman 2099 #8 came out on January 28 but is before amazing spiderman 14 and 15?? and spider woman came out o January 11 and it´s the last one?? Also, when did amazing spiderman come out? There is no date :S

  • Is it necessary to read the tie-ins? I’ve just been reading the Amazing Spider-man comics straight through. Is this series like Cataclysm in that it spans over different comics?

    • You can read just Amazing Spider-Man and get a full story. The tie-ins expand the story and you can pick and choose with those.

      • I just read through this event and I must strongly disagree. Spider-Woman #4 most definitely takes place entirely AFTER ASM#15. I also had issue with SpiderWoman #3 being after ASM#13. They felt like they should have been reversed. Thanks for putting this together though it was quite helpful

  • this article is the best. can you start doing one for secret wars?!? i know a few issues are out with the logo and stuff.

    • Hi Josh, thanks for the feedback! The plan is to do one for Secret Wars as well as one for DC’s Convergence. These will be up soon and I will update them when more information comes to light.

  • I’ve collected comics for a while, but I never had a comic book store next to me. So I ordered old comic books online, and I would go to comic stores far away once in a while to get them, but I never got them often. I just moved and there is one close to me, and I love it. I got there just in time for Edge of Spider-Verse #1 and I thought it would be a tiny tiny series but its now huge and it’s awesome!

  • I’m a day-one Spider-Woman fan who is coming back (happily) to Marvel to see how Jessica Drew fits into this storyline. I just picked up Spider-Woman 1 and 2, as well as Captain Marvel 100 (when I saw Spider-Woman on the cover). My question is…starting with Spider-Woman 1, is there anything else that I HAVE to read before it to prepare? I’m not at all averse to picking up back issues (the more the merrier). I just want to know what I HAVE to know! 🙂

    • From my understanding, Spider-Woman is a pretty clean start. There hasn’t been a solo series in some time so there is no perquisite series to read. As this series ties-in with the Spider-Verse storyline you could pick up the Amazing Spider-Man issues that come before.

      • Thanks very much! I hope you’re celebrating a Marvelous holiday this year (and that you’ll forgive me for that lame attempt at whimsy)!

  • I’m fairly new to reading comics and have just finished the Superior Spider Man and started with Amazing Spider Man. I am catching up with Amazing to get to issue 7 as part of Spider Verse. I’ve just hit Amazing Spider Man #4 and it’s a whole other event (Original Sin). Should I skip those two issues if I don’t intend to read Original Sin at this time?? Or will I miss something?

    In general, I find the tie-ins and events that pull away from the individual titles very confusing! 🙂

    • You won’t need to read Original Sin to understand Amazing Spider-Man #4. It doesn’t directly tie into the event but is more thematically related. It’s more about the sins of Spider-Man than what is going on in the event. It also introduces a new character who will be getting her own series early next year.

      • No he is being featured in this….he’s Spiderman Sentai right? Or was he the Manga Spider-Man that came from Japan and was a long 100 + chapter series?

  • Is ultimate not gonna be a part of this as it’s not mentioned on the checklist yet his mask is on the cover :/

    • Miles Morales most likely features in the crossover, but the title he stars in does not. I assume it this is because they don’t to disturb and ongoing stiries in that title.

  • I think preludes should be included? The Free Comic Book Guardians of the Galaxy, Amazing Spider-Man issues 4 to 6, and Spider-Man 2099 issue 5.

  • Yeah gotta agree with Derek ^ not sure I’ll get everything here (tie-ins) but I’ll probs pick up the bulk of it. Oh and thanks great work on this list!

  • Couldn’t agree more with Aaron, this is gonna be an awesome event. Superior spider man was so great, glad to see there is much more coming.
    Thanks as always Trevor 🙂