Batman #0 cover by Greg Capullo (cropped).

This Week is Batman Week on How to Love Comics

Batman Week cover photo.

I am proud to announce that this week will be Batman Week on How to Love Comics, which will celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Caped Crusader! To mark the occasion How to Love Comics will be running an array of Batman articles. Expect to see plenty of reviews, Batman recommendations and other Batman goodies as we celebrate all week.

Batman is one of those characters that appeals to a wide audience and is even responsible for bringing many people into the medium. With this in mind, all of the Batman Week content will keep new readers in mind, but those more experienced with the character will find plenty to take away as well.

You can also find special Batman Week content on the How to Love Comics Facebook and Twitter where we post extra content that wont be on the site.

As well as being an announcement page, this page will also act as a master-page, which will link to all the Batman Week articles as they come out. Enjoy!

Artist of the Week #7: Batman Week Edition

Free Comic Round-Up #2: Batman Week Edition

BATMAN WEEK REVIEW: Batman: Noël by Lee Bermejo

BATMAN WEEK REVIEW: Batman: The Killing Joke

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