PREVIEW: The Woods #1 by James Tynion IV and Michael Dialynas
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PREVIEW: The Woods #1 by James Tynion IV and Michael Dialynas

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Over at DC Comics, James Tynion IV has been making a name for himself with a variety of Batman related titles. Although, this week marks the release of his very first original series, The Woods, which is set to push his name to further heights. Teamed with artist Michael Dialynas, The Woods is an eerie story about an entire high school that mysteriously disappears – only to reappear on a distant planet filled with an ancient wilderness.

The Woods #1 cover A by Ramon Perez
The Woods #1 cover A by Ramon Perez

Expect plenty of mystery and conspiracy as the reader tries to figure out how a suburban high school – filled with 437 students, 52 teachers, and 24 additional staff – can be instantaneously transported to a far-off planet. Where are they? How did they get there? And what will happen to them?

The series will follow a group of students as they go on a journey throughout the alien wilderness to find out these answers. In an interview, James Tynion IV mentioned that the cast will consist of a group of misfits in a similar fashion to that of The Breakfast club. This sounds like each character will have their own issues and will have to work them out throughout their journey. Additionally, Tynion will explore the reactions and consequences of 500 plus people instantaneously transported to an alien landscape.

Based upon the preview, it appears that Michael Dialynas’ art is expressive, showing the fear and confusion of those involved. Additionally, it appears that he is able to suitably capture the horror and science-fiction elements of the title and It will be interesting to see what he has in store as the series progresses.

The Woods #1 is available in all good comic book stores and digitally from May 7th.

Take a look at the other covers by Matthew Woodson and Paul Duffield, as well as a 5 page preview of this issue.

The Woods cover B by Matthew Woodson.
The Woods #1 cover by Paul Duffield
The Woods #1 preview page 1
The Woods #1 preview page 2
The Woods #1 preview page 3
The Woods #1 preview page 4
The Woods #1 preview page 5

Will You Be Reading The Woods #1?

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