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Comixology App Changes: What You Need to Know + How to Make iOS Purchases Easier

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As you might of heard, Comixology has made changes to their apps on Android and iOS that either removed in-app purchases or change the way you purchase your digital comics. If you use the iOS app then this will be an inconvenience as they have removed in-app purchases completely – resulting in users having to make purchases through The Android app has been less effected, with in-app purchases remaining, but done a little differently.

Ultimately, this decision means that Apple and Google no longer get a cut for every digital comic that is sold. As a result, Comixology receives more money for each purchase. Hopefully, this means that Publishers and comic book creators get a larger percentage per sale.

What does this mean for consumers? Read below to find out.


The iOS app (iphone and iPad) has had the biggest changes, with in-app purchases removed entirely. This means that users must now log-in to and make purchases through the website.

Purchases made will sync (when you tap on the “Restore” option) with the the app and your account, allowing for you to read new purchases. Although, this is less awkward flow for users than the previous manner of an all-in-one app.

For the user experience this it will slow down the process between finding a comic to purchase and actually reading it.

Also, the new app has changed some of the tab names. “My Books” has been relabelled “On Device!” and “Your Purchases” is now known as “In Cloud.

For any more iOS information take a look at the FAQ.

What can I do to make iOS purchasing easier?

On the Comixology blog, the company gave this solution so iOS users can streamline their experience.

Comixology iOS short cut part 1
Comixology iOS short cut part 2
Comixology iOS short cut part 3

By creating a shortcut on your homescreen, you can access the store in fewer steps. Hopefully, this will streamline your experience so you can do what you really want to do – read comics!


The Android app changes are less of a concern, with in-app purchasing is still an option Although, the process has changed with your purchases no longer going through Google Play, but are billed straight through Comixolgy. This will mean that Comixology will store your credit card details and process them instead of Google. If you have ever done online shopping on your tablet or mobil then it will be a similar process, but through an app. Just like online shopping, the Android version of the app gives the user the option to add comics to a cart – allowing for bulk purchases.

Luckily, these changes are not as inconvenient to the user as the iOS equivalent. With the addition of the cart feature, it could make the app more usable than previous version.

For more information on Android app changes, you can read the FAQ.

$5 Comixology Credit

In order to thank users with the new transition, Comixology is crediting $5 to every eligible account that has made a purchase in the past. The credit will last for 30 days from when it was received.

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