Best Comic Covers of the Month: March 2014
Best Comic Book Covers of the Month

Best Comic Covers of the Month: March 2014

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It’s that time again where I spotlight what I believe are the best comic book covers of the month! This time I showcase the best comic book covers from March, with many styles on offer from a range of artists. This month sees covers from Andrew Robinson, Jill Thompson and Alex Ross and a handful of others.

Winter Soldier: Bitter March #2 cover by Andrew Robinson.

Winter Soldier: The Bitter March #2 by Andrew Robinson

This cover by Andrew Robinson is great because it incorporates the title into the art in an inventive way, while also telling a story. Although the title takes up most of the cover, the word “winter” works well in context as it creates the scene of a cold night. The way “soldier” has been incorporated into train’s smoke looks great with the smokey text.

I haven’t read this series but looking at the cover I can get a gist of the story. To me it looks like the two people in the train are a target, with Winter Soldier on a mission to get them. Although it also looks like Winter Soldier is not the only one after them, with Hydra agents about to storm in from the next carriage.

Magneto #1 cover by Paolo Rivera.

Magneto #1 by Paolo Rivera

Paolo Rovera’s cover is a stunning portrait of the character that works on a variety of levels. On first look the barbed wire is a representation of the character’s signature helmet, but when you look deeper there is more. With the way that it is floating, it is a good representation of his powers of magnetism. The barbed wire represents his character – his sharpness, aggression and power. Additionally it represents his origin, with Magneto spending much of his childhood in Nazi concentration camp.

The bold inks allow for a powerful and strong statement, while the darker tones show that the title includes some darker themes.

Sovereign #1 cover by Paul Maybury. Image Comics

Sovereign #1 by Paul Maybury

Sovereign #1 has a cover that is structured in an almost panel format. There is the central panel which is broken into two, with the top introducing us to the characters while the bottom introduces us to the world. On the left and right, the smaller panels introduce us to the conflict in the series. Finally, there is the sceptre/wand that hints at the magic that is returning to the world, an element that an ongoing plot to the series.

The cover has a minimal colour palette, which works well to separate elements from each other and keeps everything tonally consistent.

You can see a preview of this issue here.

Wraith: Welcome to Christmasland #5 by C.P Wilson.

Wraith: Welcome to Christmasland #5 by C.P Wilson

I like this cover due to its demented portrayal a Christmas themed theme park. It is one of those covers that is busy and lively, allowing for the viewer to look at it multiple times and find something new. Overall, this cover has a vibe similar to that of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

All-New Ghost Rider #1 cover by Tradd Moore.

All-New Ghost Rider #1 by Tradd Moore

Tradd Moore’s All-New Ghost Rider cover is simply insane! This is mostly contributed to the crazy and chaotic flames, which are on the road, engulfing the tires and spurting out of the engine. This not only makes it look like the muscle car is speeding off the page but shows that the title will have plenty of cool action.

You can see a preview of this issue here.

The Six Million Dollar Man: Season Six cover by Alex Ross

The Six Million Dollar Man: Season Six #1 by Alex Ross

Alex Ross is a great fit for The Six Million Dollar Man as his painted style would bring a sense of nostalgia for those who are a fan of the television series. The first point of notice is that Alex Ross has been able to really capture the look of Steve Austin. Secondly, having him bursting through the cover is a pose that I believe works well for the character and acts as a strong statement. It shows that the Six Million Dollar Man is back in action!

Beasts Of Burden: Hunters and Gathers #1 covers by Jill Thompson

Beasts Of Burden: Hunters and Gathers #1 by Jill Thompson

If you own a dog, or just like dogs in general, you will probably like this cover from Jill Thompson. The best part of this cover are the expressions on the dogs’ (and cat) faces as they react to the giant footprints in the ground. They are so animated and fun that it is almost impossible for it not bring a smile to your face. The silhouette in the background, of what can be assumed is the antagonist, is a nice touch and shows that there is something sinister happening.

Sandman: Overture #2 cover by J.H Williams III

Sandman: Overture #2 by J.H Williams III

This painted cover by J.H Williams III is probably the most surreal of those spotlighted this month. I have never read any Sandman (something that I plan on fixing!) so I can’t talk about it in that context but it is an interesting piece. The way that building has been moulded to create a human figure is impressive and each window makes the viewer wonder what is going on. The gargoyles on the roof add additional interest to the piece and are a nice touch. The clouds, offset by a yellowing sky, behind the building look majestic and powerful. This allows the central figure, the building, to stand out and not be lost in all the green.

What Was Your Favourite Comic Cover from March?

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