13 New Comic Series to Look Out For in March 2014
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13 New Comic Series to Look Out For in March 2014

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Almost every week there is a new comic book series released that is dying for your attention on the racks. I take a look at what is coming up in March 2014 and have spotlighted 13 new series that I believe should get your attention this month.

There is plenty of variety in March with a variety of genres, quality creators and interesting ideas on offer. We see Marvel launch/relaunch a number of series, Image launches a new series by Mark Millar and we even get to find out what happened when Frankenstein’s Monster met Jack the Ripper.


Starlight #1 cover by John Cassaday. Image Comics. Mark Millar

Written by Mark Millar. Art by Goran Parlov. Published by Image Comics.

Available: March 5th

Starlight is the new series that will kickstart a brand new universe, created by super star writer Mark Millar (Kick Ass, Jupiter’s Legacy) and artist Goran Parlov. This new science fiction series follows ageing space-hero, Duke McQueen, who has been invited back for one final adventure. Although, Duke is well past his prime. Should he be partaking in this adventure?

This series looks to play homage to many of the classic science fiction stories (like Flash Gordon), especially in its characters, imagery and narrative, but through the lens of modern storytelling and Mark Millar’s imagination.

Mark Millar has hinted that Starlight will be the start of a much larger universe that build to huge things in the near future.

Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer #1 cover by Mike Allred. Marvel Comics. Dan Slott.

Written by Dan Slott. Art by Mike Allred. Published by Marvel Comics.

Available: March 26th

If you are a fan of Doctor Who then Silver Surfer should be on your radar. The series will show Silver Surfer and his companion, Dawn, travel around the galaxy having adventures.

Writer Dan Slott (Superior Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man) is a huge Doctor Who fan so he so he should be able to write adventures in vain of the BBC series. Along for the ride is artist Mike Allred (Madman, FF), who has a unique style which is perfect for strange adventures and colourful alien characters.

The creative team did a short Silver Surfer story in January’s All-New Marvel NOW! Point One, which you can see a preview of.


Veil #1 cover by Toni Fejzula. Dark Horse Comics. Greg Rucka.

Written by Greg Rucka. Art by Toni Fejzula. Published by Dark Horse Comics.

Available: March 5th

What if you woke up abandoned subway station with no memory of how you got there? What if the men that are after you wound up dead? This is what happens to the character in Veil, the new series by crime writer Greg Rucka (Gotham Central, The Punisher) and artist Toni Fejzula. Who this character is shrouded in mystery, but as the story progresses the reader will discover the answers they desire.

Veil is a five issue miniseries that will run from March until July.

Moon Knight

Moon Knight #1 by Declan Shalvey. Marvel Comics. Warren Ellis.

Written by Warren Ellis. Art by Declan Shalvey. Published by Marvel Comics.

Available: March 5th

The insane vigilante returns in a new series by Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan) and Declan Shalvey (28 Days Later). Moon Knight will use all of his multiple personalities in order to investigate “weird crimes” in the grimiest parts of New York City.

Moon Knight is a character that has had a complex and fractured history that over the years has become rather convoluted. In an interview with CBR, Ellis has stated that he will strip back the character and then use the parts of him that excite readers. Expect to have his madness and multiple personalities explored in this new series.

All-New Ghost Rider

All-New Ghost Rider #1 cover by Tradd Moore. Marvel Comics.

Written by Felipe Smith. Art by Tradd Moore. Published by Marvel Comics.

Available: March 19th

In March we are introduced to an all new Ghost Rider. Although, unlike the Ghost Rider many would be familiar with, this one is will be a little different. First of all we have a brand new character possessed by the Spirit of Vengeance – Robbie Reyes. Secondly, unlike the traditional Ghost Rider, his vechile of choice will be car. Although, he will be able to turn any vehicle he likes into a flaming tool of vengeance.

The series will follow Robbie as he attempts to take down the LA criminal underworld, full of drug trafficking and gang violence.

On art is Tradd Moore who has a style that explosive that, as can be seen by the cover, uses plenty of animated detail to create art that looks simply cool. Even if you are unhappy about Ghost Rider trading his motorcycle in for a car you will want to read the series for the art.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel #1 by David Lopez. Marvel Comics. Kelly-Sue DeConnick.

Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick. Art by David Lopez. Published by Marvel Comics.

Available: March 12th

After a few months off Captain Marvel returns with a direction that will see her go more cosmic. The series will see more of what the fans and critics have been loving but in with a setting that will see her spend much more time in outer space.

Ever since the previous series launched in 2012, Captain Marvel has been a prime example of a series that portrays a female superhero in a positive light, with deep character development and plenty of action.

If have never read the character before this is a perfect jumping on point and soon you will be joining the Carol Corps.


Sovereign #1 cover by Paul Maybury. Image Comics. Chris Roberson.

Written by Chris Roberson. Art by Paul Maybury. Published by Image Comics.

Available: March 19th

Soverign is set in a Tolkien-esque world where magic and monsters are believed to longer to exist. But this all changes as they begin to appear in the world again. Humanity, who is already on the brink of a civil war, must now face these long lost threats in order to survive.

If you re a fan of Lord of the Rings or Game of Throne this series will most likely be for you.

Monster and Madman

Monster and Madman #1 cover by Damien Worm. IDW Publishing. Steve Niles.

Written by Steve Niles. Art by Damien Worm. Published by IDW Publishing.

Available: March 12th

Monster and Madman has a pretty simple, but interesting, premise – what if Frankenstein’s Monster met Jack the Ripper?

This three issue series is written by Steve Niles who is the top horror writer in comics today. If you enjoy your horror then this series is probably for you.

Rocky and Bullwinkle

Rocky and Bullwinkle #1 cover by Rodger Langridge. IDW Publishing.

Written by Mark Evanier. Art by Roger Langridge. Published by IDW Publishing.

Available: March 19th

Rocky and Bullwinkle are back! This time in comic book form. Follow the adventure of the Moose and Squirrel (and friends) in comic book form.

This series will appeal to those young and young at heart.

Magnus: Robot Fighter

Magnus: Robot Fighter #1 cover by Gabriel Hardman. Dynamite Entertainment.

Written by Fred Van Lente. Art by Cory Smith. Published by Dynamite Entertainment.

Available: March 12th

Magnus: Robot Fighter is one of a handful of Gold Key revivals that Dynamite Entertainment will be releasing in the coming months. Creative team Fred Van Lente and Cory Smith will be reimagining this classic (and sometimes convoluted) series for a new era, with plenty of action and character moments.

You do not need to have known anything previously about Magnus: Robot Fighter in order to enjoy this series.

The Witcher

The Witcher #1 cover by Dan Panosian and Dave Johnson. Dark Horse Comics

Written by Paul Tobin. Art by Joe Querio. Published by Dark Horse Comics.

Available: March 19th

If you are can’t wait for the third Witcher game then you will want to pick up this comic that features, characters and settings from the popular video game franchise.


Daredevil #1 (2014) cover by Chris Samnee. Marvel Comics. Mark Waid.

Written by Mark Waid. Art by Chris Samnee. Published by Marvel Comics.

Available: March 19th

If you are not on the Daredevil wagon then you should be. Since Mark Waid took on the series in 2011 it has been fantastic read, full of great plots, interesting twists and generally full of fun. This series sees a few status quo changes, with the biggest being a relocation to San Francisco and Matt Murdock revealing to the public that he is Daredevil.

It is not essential to have read the previous series (but you should as it is fantastic) so this is a fantastic place to jump on.

Evil Empire

Evil Empire #1 cover. Boom Studios. Max Bemis.

Written by Max Bemis. Art by Ransom Getty. Published by BOOM! Studios.

Available: March 5th

This 16 issue maxi-series by Say Anyhing Singer Max Bemis tells the story of controversial rapper who stages an uprising against the Evil Empire. While most stories see the totalitarian empire already in power, Evil Empire sees this process at a much earlier stage and how it would out-fold in a real world setting.

What New Comics are you Looking Forward to in March 2014?

Are you excited for any of these new series? Let us know on FacebookTwitter or in the comments below.


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