PREVIEW: Thunderbolts #20.NOW – Enter Ghost Rider
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PREVIEW: Thunderbolts #20.NOW – Enter Ghost Rider

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The Thunderbolts has gone through many incarnations in its time of publication but teams composition has always had a common theme. That theme being that that the team has been composed of reformed supervillains. In this incarnation, the Thunderbolts are an anti-terror vigilante group, composed of characters that would never be allowed in the Avengers. By the creative team of Charles Soule and Carlo Barberi, Issue #20.NOW acts as a good jumping-on point for the series as well as introduces a new character to the team.

Lead by General “Thunderbolt” Ross aka Red Hulk, this incarnation is full of members who have a deadly manner in which they work. Like-minded in their mission, The Thunderbolts are a deadly team. The Punisher, a man with a personal war on all crime. Elektra, the deadly ninja assassin. Venom, former symbiotic Spider-Man villain. Deadpool, the “Merc with a Mouth.” Red Leader, a former Hulk villain. By working together they are able to accomplish more than they can by simply working on their own.

One reason to get excited about Thunderbolts #20.NOW is the introduction of Johnny Blaze, The Ghost Rider to the team. Many will be familiar with the character from the Nicolas Cage films, but if you are not the Comic Vine wiki describes him quite well as…

A motorcycle stuntman who became bound to the Spirit of Vengeance after making a deal with Mephisto to spare his surrogate father.

As a member of the Thunderbolts team, he should fit in well and should give a supernatural element to the series that is not currently present.

What’s the deal with the “.NOW” at the end of the issue number? This is Marvel letting potential readers know that this is a jumping-on point for the series. So if this preview has you wanting more Thunderbolts you has been written with the intention of getting new readers on board.

Thunderbolts #20.NOW is available in comic stores and digitally from January 15th.

Take a look at the cover by Julian Totino Tedesco, the variants by Phil Noto and Katie Cook, as well as a four-page preview below.

Thunderbolts #20.NOW cover by Julian Totino Tedesco. All-New Marvel NOW! Ghost Rider.
Thunderbolts #20.NOW variant cover by Phil Noto
Thunderbolts #20.NOW animal variant cover by Katie Cook. All-New Marvel NOW!
Thunderbolts #20.NOW title page. All-New Marvel NOW!
Thunderbolts #20.NOW preview page 1 by Carlo Barberi. All-New Marvel NOW!
Thunderbolts #20.NOW preview page 2 by Carlo Barberi. All-New Marvel NOW!
Thunderbolts #20.NOW preview page 3 by Carlo Barberi. All-New Marvel NOW!
Thunderbolts #20.NOW preview page 4 by Carlo Barberi. All-New Marvel NOW!

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