PREVIEW: Black Widow #1 by Nathan Edmondson & Phil Noto
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PREVIEW: Black Widow #1 by Nathan Edmondson & Phil Noto

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Ever since the Avengers hit the big screen Black Widow’s popularity has exploded. With a greater awareness and countless cosplayers dressing up as her at conventions, she has become one of Marvel’s leading female character. Appearing in a variety of Avengers titles, she hasn’t starred in her own title since a short-lived series in 2010. Although, that changes this week with the launch of Black Widow #1 – written by Nathan Edmondson (“Who is Jake Ellis?” and “The Activity”) and Phil Noto (“Thunderbolts” and “Astonishing X-Men.”)

The series will revolve around what she does when she is not with The Avengers or SHIELD as she attempts to atone for past sins as a KGB agent. In order to do this Natasha Romanoff will have to take on dangerous mercenary missions. Driven by her past, these missions are ones that if SHIELD or The Avengers would not approve if discovered.

Black Widow #1 cover by Phil Noto. All-New Marvel NOW.

Expect plenty of action and espionage but also some quieter character moments as we discover more about not only Black Widow but the woman beyond her. This is what Nathan Edmondson had to say about the character:

Honestly, I think she’s the coolest female character in the Marvel Universe. Not saying there isn’t some stiff competition, but Black Widow is completely badass. She’s a killer and she’s got a dark past to atone for. So she’s complex and capable. She’s also smart and independent and I think most attractive to me, she’s driven, motivated by something deep and personal and willing to do whatever is necessary.

While the character is known for being apart of a team, this series will etch out her own corner in the Marvel Universe. Once this has been established Nathan Edmondson has stated that she will begin to interact with some familiar faces.

Black Widow #1 is available in all good comic stores and digitally from January 8th.

Black Widow #1 preview page 1 by Phil Noto. All-New Marvel NOW!
Black Widow #1 preview page 2 by Phil Noto. All-New Marvel NOW!
Black Widow #1 preview page 3 by Phil Noto. All-New Marvel NOW!

Take a look at the cover as well as the beautifully illustrated three-page preview of this issue below.

Black Widow is one of the many new titles as part of the All-New Marvel NOW! publishing initiative.

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  • I’ll give the book the ol’ 3-issue try, most likely. I was thinking it was going to be like Hawkeye and show her lounging around having everyday girl issues, like that one where Hawkeye fails to hook up his entertainment system, or that Age of Ultron issue with Black Widow having coffee; but, from the looks of the Preview, it seems it’ll focus more on her going on solo missions–which might just be a great idea!

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