PREVIEW: Avengers #24.NOW – A Great Jumping On Point
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PREVIEW: Avengers #24.NOW – A Great Jumping On Point

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All-New Marvel NOW, Marvel’s initiative to attract new readers, begins this week with Avengers #24.NOW. Indicated by a “.NOW”, this special issue is made to be a great jumping on point for those who haven’t been reading the series. So if you have been interested in reading Avengers comics but not sure where to begin, Avengers #24.NOW is a good place to start.

Avengers 24.NOW kicks off the five-part story, Rogue Planet. The story involves Iron Man and Captain America formulating a new incarnation of the Avengers team. Who will be part on the team? Based upon the character chart (see below) it will be a mix of characters that people will know, such as Thor; The Hulk; and Black Widow. As well as lesser know characters Nightmask; Cannonball; and Captain Universe. Each character will be chosen based upon their ability and throughout the series, characters will be interchanged based upon the threat at hand.

Speaking of threats, Rogue Planet will have The Avengers faced against a planet that is on a collision course with Earth. Having a planet set to collide with Earth is an interesting threat and one that one-ups the classic “asteroid heading for Earth” trope. We also get a glimpse into the future, as seen in this preview, with a time-displaced visitor helping the team. How will the Avengers stop a whole planet? Who is this visitor from the future? You will have to read to find out.

Avengers #24.NOW cover by Esad Ribic. All-New Marvel NOW
Avengers #24.NOW cover by Esad Ribic.

Written by Jonathan Hickman, Avengers has been a series full of big ideas and even bigger threats. Hickman is not afraid to use a large cast, with him expanding the team to over 20 characters, which is used in a rotation method based on the threat and the abilities of each hero. Since the beginning of the series, the Avengers have had a greater influence on a global, and even an interplanetary scale, which has allowed for big stories with huge stakes involved.

Do I need to have read issues 1-23? In short, it is not necessary as Avengers 24.NOW has been written to be a great jumping on point for the series. Although, if you do want to read the series from the beginning, those who buy the print version will receive a free digital copy of the first collected edition (issues #1-#6). That’s a great bonus to receive and extra incentive to give Avengers #24.NOW a try.

Avengers #24.NOW is available in all good comic book stores and digitally from December 24th.

Take a look at a preview of Avengers #24.NOW below.

Avengers #24.NOW Previously Page.
Avengers #24.NOW Character page.
Avengers #24.NOW Title Page "Rogue Planet"
Avengers #24.NOW preview page 1. "Rogue Planet"
Avengers #24.NOW preview page 2. "Rogue Planet"
Avengers #24.NOW preview page 3. "Rogue Planet"

Will You Be Reading Avengers #24.NOW?

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