Best Comic Covers of the Month: November 2013
Best Comic Book Covers of the Month

Best Comic Covers of the Month: November 2013

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After a few months off, Best Comic Covers of the Month is back to showcase the best comic covers for the month of November. This month there is a great mix of publishers and style, with the science fiction, fantasy and superhero genres well represented.

Judge Dredd #13 cover by Brendan McCarthy (After Jack Kirby). Best Comic Covers of the Month: November 2013

Judge Dredd #13 by Brendan McCarthy

What makes Judge Dredd #13 so great is that it pays tribute to Jack Kirby. Not only is it drawn in the Kirby style, it has many aspects that made Kirby’s style unique such as the particular line work, the Kirby Krackle and the way that that shadow portrayed in blocks of thick black.

Black Science #1 cover by Matteo Scalera and Dean White.

Black Science #1 (Cover B) by Matteo Scalera and Dean White

What I enjoyed about this comic cover is the science fiction pulp feel that have been mixed with the darker tones. While the image has a third of it cut off by the titles, there is still so many elements present. I particularly like the character in the foreground’s weapon, which happens to be a decapitated frog’s head with an electric whip tongue.

Take a look at the preview for Black Science #1.

Star Wars #11 by Sean Cooke. Best Comic Covers of the Month November 2013

Star Wars #11 by Sean Cooke

It is not hard to see why this comic cover is great. Showing a fanatically rendered space battle between the Rebel fleet and the Empire, it is framed it makes you feel like you deep in the battle.

Manifest Destiny #1 cover by Matthew Roberts. Best Comic Covers of the Month November 2013

Manifest Destiny #1 by Matthew Roberts

What draws me to this cover is the hill made out of monsters, which is made to look grass and rock. The monsters used vary and we can see a variety of different appendages including wings, tentacles, horns and mouths. Additionally, the placement of Lewis and Clark is great as all of it is going on below them, without them knowing. The yellow background works well to complement the purple foreground, allowing it to be the prominent image.

Take a look at the preview for Manifest Destiny #1.

Wolverine and the X-Men #38 by Nick Bradshaw. Best Comic Covers of the Month

Wolverine and the X-Men #38 by Nick Bradshaw

What makes this comic cover great is the amount of detail that has been put into the action portrayed. There is debris flying everywhere and the wall shows cracks from the force that Wolverine as put on the wall. Additionally, there is the signature Wolverine slash marks in the wall that helps to show that Wolverine wasn’t thrown through this wall, he has forced his way through. The anger on Wolverine’s face also helps to tell the story that he is not happy with SHIELD.

Daredevil #33 by Chris Samnee. Best Comic Covers of the Month November 2013.

Daredevil #33 by Chris Samnee

Another month, another terrific Daredevil cover by Chris Samnee. What makes this cover so great is the way the Legion of Monsters has been included through the use of only their hands. Samnee has been able to render each pair of hands in a way that makes them distinguishable, and even if you are not familiar with the Legion of Monsters you will be able to figure out what kind of monster they are based on the signifiers used. I also like the way the bandages have been placed, as it gives the cover a sense of chaos.

Mr. Peabody & Sherman #1 by Jorge Monlogo. Best Comic Covers of the Month November 2013

Mr. Peabody & Sherman #1 by Jorge Monlogo

While I do not have an nostalgic connection with Mr Peabody & Sherman, I do think this is a very fun comic cover. There are characters throughout time in interesting poses, of which Cleopatra wrapped up in a snake is my favourite. The varying purples of the time-warped background work well to juxtapose the characters and gives a great impression of travelling in time.

Pretty Deadly #2 by Emma Rios. Best Comic Covers of the Month November 2013

Pretty Deadly #2 by Emma Rios

Pretty Deadly #2 is a comic cover that has a very detailed foreground. Each blade of grass and countless butterflies makes this comic cover burst to life. The figure in the centre and the bird over her shoulder are also quite detailed – with her hair, cloak and the birds feathers moving in the wind. The plain background allows for the detail to burst off the page, which means elements don’t blend into each other.

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