NYCC: New Series, Creative Changes, Special Events and New Villain Announced by DC Comics
DC Comics

NYCC: New Series, Creative Changes, Special Events and New Villain Announced by DC Comics

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If you are a Batman fan then DC Comics’ offering of announcements at NYCC will be right up your alley. Not only did they announce a brand new week Batman series but also a very special issue of Detective Comics, in addition to a new creative team. While the announcements were Batman heavy, there was also talk of a return of Tiny Titans as well as the introduction to a new Superman villain.

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New Series

Bayman: Eternal #1 by Jason Fabok. NYCC DC Comics.

Batman: Eternal

Batman: Eternal is an upcoming weekly Batman series that is headed by Scott Snyder (Batman) with rotating writers James Tynion IV (Talon), John Layman (Detective Comics), Ray Fawkes (Justice League Dark) and Tim Seeley (Revival). Scott Snyder has promised that Batman Eternal will be “…the biggest, craziest and most fun stuff we’ve done on the book and in the world of Gotham.”

Those of you who have been reading Batman for many years you will be happy to know that Stephanie Brown will finally make her New 52 debut, after more than two years absence.

Batman Eternal will begin in Spring 2014. For more information on the series take a look at this interview with Scott Snyder.

Franco Tiny Titans tweet.

Tiny Titans

While this announcement was not made at any panel of NYCC, one half of the Tiny Titans creative team went on to twitter to announce the return of Tiny Titans. Tiny Titans was an all ages comic series (lasting 50 issues) which features mostly young characters from Teen Titans. Loved by children and adults the series was a lot of fun and even won two Eisner Awards.

As this was not an official announcement no other information is available.

Unnamed Batman miniseries by Kevin Smith

While not an official announcement, Kevin Smith mentioned at his own panel that he has completed three issues of an unnamed Batman series. The series will be drawn by his good friend Walt Flanagan and should be officially announced in 2014. Kevin Smith has described the series as being outside the current DC continuity and “Batman will be going apesh*t!!!”

New Creative Teams

Detective Comics

The Flash creative team of Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato will be taking control of Detective Comics some time in 2014. One of the things they have promised to do with the series is to put the detective back into Detective Comics.

Special Events

Detective Comics #27 by Chris Bunham. Batman. NYCC DC Comics.

Detective Comics #27

It was in Detective Comics #27, all the way back in 1939, that Batman was first introduced to the world. With the New 52 initative renumbering the series, Detective Comics has reached issue #27 again so DC Comics has decided to make it a big deal. Detective Comics #27 will be a 96-page celebration of The Dark Knight and his 75th year in comics.

The issue will have a modern-day retelling of the classic Batman origin by Brad Meltzer and artist Bryan Hitch as well as brand new stories by Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy, Peter J. Tomasi and Guillem March, Paul Dini and Dustin Nguyen, Gregg Hurwitz and Neal Adams. And for icing on the cake the legendary Frank Miller (Batman: Year One, Dark Knight Returns) will be contributing brand new artwork.

Detective Comics #27 is due in for release on January 8th.

New Villain


Beast Lord

D├ębuting in Action Comics #27, Beast Lord is that latest adversary for Superman. Originating from deep under the Earth, this new character can control subterranean creatures and uses them to attack the surface. What are his motivations? How will Superman stop him? You will have to wait till January 8th to find out.


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