NYCC: New Series, Jumping on Points and Special Events Announced by Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

NYCC: New Series, Jumping on Points and Special Events Announced by Marvel Comics

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Marvel Comics has had an extremely busy weekend at NYCC (New York Comic Con), announcing a large batch of new series along with accessible jumping on points and even the legendary return of Miracleman. How to Love comics has collected all these announcements and put them into one handy location.

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New Series

Avengers: Undercover #1 cover by Kev Walker

Avengers: Undercover

Acting as sorts as a sequel to Avengers Area, Avengers: Undercover is a series about a group of teenagers with superpowers pretending to be villains in order to infiltrate the Masters of Evil. The series is written Dennis Hopeless with art by Kev Walker and will begin in March 2014.

For more on this upcoming series you can read this interview with Dennis Hopeless.

Avengers World #1 cover by Stefano Caselli

Avengers World

Written by Jonathan Hickman and Nick Spencer and art by Stefano Caselli, Avengers World is an upcoming Avengers series that takes the Avengers on a global scale. The title will stand on its own but at the same time will work within the major framework of the two other major titles. From the shown it looks like the team will be made up of mostly familiar characters with a few unexpected ones as well.

For more information on the series you can read this interview that Nick Spencer had with Newsarama.

Black Widow by Phil Noto

Black Widow

Thanks the The Avengers movie, Black Widow has become a very popular character – so it has never been a better time to have her own series. Written by Nathan Edmondson and art by Phil Noto, Black Widow will be a fast paced, character-driven and action-packed spy story. 

Black Widow will begin in January. Nathan Edmondson talks more about the series here.

Captain Marvel #1 cover by Leinil Yu.

Captain Marvel

In the past two years Captain Marvel has created a passionate cult following and with the series soon to be relaunched the character should be very popular. The series will be written by Kelly Sue DeConnick with art by the great David Lopez and will have a bit more of a cosmic feel than the curent series.

Captain Marvel begins in March.

Deadpool: The Gauntlet by Frank Cho

Deadpool: The Gauntlet

This will be the latest of the Marvel Infinite digital comics and will be a 13-part story. The series will have all the Deadpool shenanigans while he does mercenary jobs for Dracula. Deadpool: The Gauntlet will be written by regular Deadpool writer Gerry Duggan with art by Reilly Brown.

Deadpool: The Gauntlet will be available on Comixology and the Marvel Comics app from January. You can find more information on the Deadpool: The Gauntlet here.

Elektra #1 by Mike Del Mundo


Elektra will be written by Zeb Wells with art by Mike Del Mundo. The series will begin in March. You can find out more about the series here.

Iron Patriot cover by Garry Brown. Marvel NOW.

Iron Patriot

This series stars James Rhodes in the Iron Patriot suit as he tries to do good for mankind. The series will be written by Ales Kot and art Garry Brown.

Iron Patriot will begin in March.

Ghost Rider #1 cover by Tradd Moore

Ghost Rider

While the original Ghost Rider will be in Thunderbolts, a new Spirit of Vengeance will be riding in this new series. This new Spirit of Vengeance is Roberto (Robbie) Reyes, who lives in a rough neighbourhood and just wants to escape. In the past Ghost Rider has focused on motorcycles, although this series will focus more on fast cars. Ghost Rider will be written by Felipe Smith and art by Tradd Moore.

Ghost Rider will begin in March. Editor Mark Paniccia talks more about the series here.

Loki: Agent of Asgard #1 cover by Frank Cho

Loki: Agent of Asgard

A new series starring Loki, who has become quite popular due to the Marvel films. The series will be written by Al Ewing and drawn by Lee Garbett and will be about a grown-up Loki (he has been a child for the past few years) going on missions that will protect Asgard.

New Warriors #1 cover by Marcus To

New Warriors

New Warriors is back and bring Scarlet Spider with them. The series is written by Chris Yost and art by Marcos To, beginning in February.

The Punisher #1 cover by Mitch Gerads.

The Punisher

Written by Nathan Edmondson and art by Mitch Gerads (creators of The Activity), this series will see The Punisher relocated to Los Angeles in order to continue his war on crime. He will also be hunted by a very recognisable character, although they wont disclosing who quite yet.

This new Punisher series will begin in Feburary. The creator had a chat with IGN which can be read here.

Secret Avengers #1 by Michael Walsh. All-New Marvel NOW

Secret Avengers

Secret Avengers is being relaunched with a new creative team of Ales Kot and Michael Walsh. The series will be relaunching in March and will comprise of short stories that have aspects that will interconnect.

For more on the series you can read this interview with Ales Kot.

Silver Sufer #1 by Mike Allred.

Silver Surfer

From the fun creative team of Dan Slott and Mike Allred comes a new Silver Surfer series. From what I can tell, this series will have a slight Doctor Who feel to it with the taking a companion, Dawn, through adventures in space. Dawn is a new character who is a new character and is experiencing the weird and wonderful aspects of the Marvel universe for the first time. If you are a Doctor Who fan you will most likely enjoy this series.

Silver Surfer will be out in March. The creators talk more about the series here.

X-Factor #1 cover by Kris Anka. All-New Marvel NOW


While the most recent series of X-Factor has just concluded, a new series and team will take its place. The series will focus on a new team featuring characters like Quicksilver and Gambit on a corporate sponsored team, as they try to do good. The series will be written by Peter David, with art by Carmine Di Giandomenico.

X-Factor will begin in January.

Jumping on Points

Along with a huge batch of new series, Marvel announced at NYCC some great jumping on points to existing series. All of these will be labelled with a “.NOW.” (apart from Savage Wolverine.)

Avengers A.I #8.NOW cover by David Marquez

Avengers AI #8.NOW

Avengers A.1 #8 will be a good jumping on point for anyone who has wanted to read the robot team. The interesting thing about the series is that the team will be flung 10,000 years into the future and will need to defend themselves from threats more advanced than you could imagine.

Writer Sam Humpheries talks more about this jumping on point here.

Captain America #16.NOW cover by Nic Klein.

Captain America #16.NOW

Captain American 16.NOW will be a great jumping on point for the series and will introduce a new villain in Dr Mindbubble.

Rick Remender talks more about this jumping on point here.

Savage Wolverine #14 cover by Richard Isanove

Savage Wolverine #14

Savage Wolverine is a series which takes established artists and lets them run wild with Wolverine stories. Savage Wolverine starts a new story written and drawn by Richard Isanove – set in the 1930s.

Richard Isanove talks more about his story here.

Superior Spider-Man #27.NOW cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli.

Superior Spider-Man #27.NOW

If you have not been reading Superior Spider-Man then #27.NOW is a great jumping on point. It is also the start of a new storyline called “Goblin Nation”, which will see the return of the Green Goblin.

Dan Slott discusses this new jumping on point here.

Thunderbolts #20.NOW cover by Julian Totino Tedesco. Ghost Rider.

Thunderbolts #20.NOW

This will be a jumping on point for the Thunderbolts series, which will see Ghost Rider join the team.

Charles Soule discusses joining the ream here.

Special Events

All-New Marvel NOW #1

All New Marvel Point One #1

Something Marvel does on an annual basis now is Point One. A large one-shot full of short stories that tease upcoming stories for the not too distant future. As to what stories will be part of this haves not been announced but it is easy to assume that many of the series listed above will be represented.

Miracleman by Joe Quesada.

The Restoration and Republishing of Miracleman

After a very complicated battle over who owns the rights to the the material, Marvel will not only be republishing Miracleman but also restoring it using the series using new techniques. The icing on the cake for this is that after all the issues have been restored and remastered the story will be continued by Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham.

Miracleman will begin in January. You can read more information on the project here.


All New X-Men 22.NOW by Stuart Immonen
Guardians of the Galaxy 11.NOW by Sara Pichelli.

All-New X-Men/Guardians of the Galaxy

Not only will this be a crossover it has been marked a jumping on point for new readers. Titled “The Trail of Jean Grey” the story will begin in All New X-Men 22.NOW and Guardians of the Galaxy 11.NOW. The storyline involves Phoenix Force discovering that Jean Grey is alive and that and heading for Earth.

This crossover will begin in January.

Cable and X-Force/Uncanny X-Force

Not much is known about this crossover at the moment but it will involve the titles Cable an X-Force and Uncanny X-Force, titled Vendetta and be four parts.

How to Love comics will discuss many of these announcements in the months leading up to these series d├ębuts – with previews, guides and possibly even an interview or two.


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