Some Great Creations from 24-Hour Comics Day 2013
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Some Great Creations from 24-Hour Comics Day 2013

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24-hour comics Day is a day which challenges anyone and everyone to create a 24 page comic in 24-hours. Falling on the first Saturday of October every year, this year resulted in some great comics of a variety of genres – everything from surreal science-fiction to slice of life. We believe that as these creators have put the hard work into creating something unique that it should be shared with others, so here is a huge batch of comics that were created on this special day.

I searched high and low (mostly Tumblr and Twitter) to find a large batch of fantastic creations that I believe you should read. Let me know what you thought of them or if you want your comic to be added to the list in the comments below. Alternatively you can comment on the How to Love Comics Facebook or Twitter.

24-hour comic by K "Kez" Laczin. 24-hour comics day.

Night’s Dream of the 15th by K “Kez” Laczin 

This particular 24-hour comic day creation details an odd dream that the creator once had.

24 Hour Comic 2013 by Maria Frantz

The story of a girl trying to escape the life she knows in hope of finding a better place.

24 Hour Comics by Gizzle

Each page of this particular creation details an hour of the creators day.

Windows by Pam Wishbow. 24-hour comics day.

Windows by Pam Wishbow

The story of a lonely ghost in the night. This comic has a lovely texture to it that matches the tone rather nicely.

The Scatterbrain vs 24HCD by Captkevman. 24-hour comics day.

The Scatterbrain vs 24HCD by Captkevman

An interesting comic that details his creative process while he works on the comic. Also has some great tips for anyone who wants to attempt 24-Hour Comics Day.

Winter Grave by Kiqo

The story of a traveller lost in the snow, who is found by a wild dog who is not all that he seems.

Last Night in Seattle by Mike Bautista

A night out with friends in Seattle turns ends up not as fun as the group wishes. Any more information than that would spoil the story.

24-hour comic by Gabe. 24-Hour Comics Day.

24-Hour Comic by Gabe

An adventure comic starring an odd pair and featuring plenty of battling giants.

24-hour comic day 2013 by Remy Ripple

Follow the tale of a wolfish guy as he starts his new job as package delivery person and the strange street he has to deal with.

Hurry by Xulia Vicente. 24-Hour Comics Day

Hurry by Xulia Vicente

A story about a boy who has to get rid of the hurry. The comic has a nice yellow tone to it. Additionally there is a Spanish version available.

A Life (?) by Dan Stinehart

This story tells of the emotions and confusion of coming out.

24 Hour Comic Day 2013 by Richie Williams 

The story is about a program named Chris Coding who is going to be deleted and has to find a way to avoid being removed from this world forever.

24 Hour Comic 2013 by Sundogs Comix page 1

24 Hour Comic 2013 by Sundogs Comix

A trip to the hospital get very strange.

The Love Machine by Birdie

The misadventures of a Love Robot who travels halfway around the world to meet its new owner.

Hell Well by banjaloupe. 24-Hour Comics Day

Hell Well by banjaloupe

A man is shipwrecked on an island and starts to notice some strange things are happening down an isolated well.

Sniper Knights page 1. 24-Hour Comics Day 2013

Sniper Knights by Olov Redmalm

The classic knights tale, although the use sniper rifles instead of medieval weaponry.


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