PREVIEW: Sex Criminals #1 – A Sex Comedy for Comics
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PREVIEW: Sex Criminals #1 – A Sex Comedy for Comics

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Sex Criminals is the kind of comic that film writer/director/producer Judd Apatow would would associate himself with. Described as a “sex comedy for comics”, Sex Criminals tells the story of a couple who can literally stop time when they have sex. So what do you do when you can stop time? You rob banks, of course.

Written by Matt Fraction (Hawkeye, FF, Satellite Sam) and art by Chip Zdarsky (Prison Funnies), Sex Criminals came to be through “wanting to do a “proper” sex comedy.” While the genre is is popular in other mediums, it is not highly represented in comics – something the creators wanted to change.

While the story follows a couple, Suzie is the main protagonist in the series. “It became the book I wanted it to be when it became her story. Everything sort of unlocked. It’s much harder, but it’s much more satisfying.” The creators also noted that if the series was more focused on Jon the series would have moved more towards the gross-out humour aspect of the genre.

If you are worried that Sex Criminals is going to be too graphic for you to read Matt Fraction has said in a telephone conference that it’s in line with many of the sex comedies you’d see on the big screen. “Was it in Forgetting Sarah Marshall? We’re probably OK with it. Was it in American Pie? We’re probably OK with it.” With that being said you are probably safe to read it without being accused as a pervert.

Sex Criminals #1 comes out on September 25th in all good comic book stores and digitally, through Image Comics.

Take a look at the cover as well a four-page preview below.

Sex Criminals #1 cover by Chip Zdarsky. Matt Fraction. Image Comics
Sex Criminals #1 preview page 1 by Chip Zdarsky.
Sex Criminals #1 preview page 2 by Chip Zdarsky.
Sex Criminals #1 preview page 3 by Chip Zdarsky.
Sex Criminals #1 preview page 4 by Chip Zdarsky.

If you pick-up this series let us know what you thought of it. You can do so in the comments below or via the How to Love Comics Facebook or Twitter.


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