The Two Garfield Comics That You Might Not Know About
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The Two Garfield Comics That You Might Not Know About

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Since 1978 Garfield has been entertaining millions with his special brand sarcasm and laziness. So much so that it has spawned thousands of daily strips, hundreds of books, plenty of merchandise, an animated series and even two films voiced by Bill Murray. What you might not have know that in addition to daily strip there are two other Garfield comics. So if you are in for an additional fix of the lasagne-loving feline you should check out these two Garfield comics.

Garfield (Boom! Studios)

Garfield #1 cover by Gary Barker - BOOM! Studios

If you have ever wanted to read Garfield in a longer format then Boom! Studio’s Garfield comic is the place to look. Aimed at an all ages audience these monthly comics not only star Garfield but as well as a whole range his supporting cast including Jon, Odie, Nermal, Arlene and Pookie.

The series is written by Mark Evenier (who was involved with the animated series) and due to this has successfully been able to capture the tone of Garfield and his friends. Stories are self contained but are well beyond the 3 panel structure that we are used to with Garfield. The stories for the Garfield comic are generally similar to that of the previous animated series with Garfield and the gang getting into humorous situations. Plus, we are spoilt with a Pet Force story every few months when Garfield and his friends are portrayed as super heroes.

The art-style will not be foreign to fans of the strip with Gary Barker on art duties. Gary Barker has been a long-time assistant of Garfield creator, Jim Davis, and as seen by the above image he is able to draw in Jim’s style.

Garfield Minus Garfield (Webcomic)

Garfield Minus Garfield June 6 - LADY BUGS! - The Two Garfield Comics That You Might Know About

While this is a Garfield comic, Garfield Minus Garfield has a distinct lack of Garfield. That is because the lasagne-loving feline has been removed, changing the context of strip. It has now became a character piece on Garfield’s owner, Jon Arbuckle, showcasing his sad existence.

Some strips, like the one above, use the lack of Garfield to paint Jon in a even sillier light than normal. While some of the strips make Jon look like he has a sad and depressing existence. Without the use of Garfield to narrate the strip, the meaning has changed and it shows how integral he is to the tone of regular strip.

Garfield Minus Garfield July 23 - The Two Garfield Comics That You Might Know About

Garfield creator, Jim Davis, is a regular reader of Garfield Minus Garfield and says that he enjoys the strip. In an interview with The Washington Post he described it as “an inspired thing to do” and that he has enjoyed seeing another side of his work. He also mentioned it Garfield Minus Garfield has made him look at his work differently, “…’Oh, I could have left that out.’ It would have been funnier.”

Read Garfield Minus Garfield


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