REVIEW: Plants vs Zombies #1
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REVIEW: Plants vs Zombies #1

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Available on almost every format, the original Plants Vs Zombies was a fun little strategy game with lots of character. Now with the sequel out on iOS in the past week PopCap Games and Dark Horse Comics have teamed up for the Plants Vs Zombies comic series. This first issue of this digital-first series is available for free till July 21st and it is definitely worth your attention.

Plants Vs Zombies #1 cover by Ron Chan. The How to Love Comics review

Plants Vs Zombies #1, written by Paul Tobin, sets up the the series with Zombies invading the town of Neighborville looking for brains. At the same time we meet Nate, a young boy with an adventurous spirit and an “aspiring cowboy astronaut”, as well as Patrice, a young girl who is tough, confident and a “professional treehouse investigator.” Once the pair discover that must escape from the zombies. The plants are introduced in this issue but are not particularly fleshed out. This is a minor gripe as I am sure this will be saved for when the plot progresses.

Nate and Patrice have great back and forth dialogue with each other. It gives them character and separates them from being two-dimensional, which can sometimes be a problem in all ages comics.

If you have played Plants Vs Zombies before then you would be aware of the humour that is involved and it translates well into the comic. The zombies are characters are taken straight from the game and make up for much of the humour involved. Expect to see some your favourites such as the screen-door and bucket helmet zombies. The scene where Nate and Patrice meet is is also rather amusing.

The art by Ron Chan is fun and suits the franchise perfectly. While a slightly looser style it keeps all the character of the game. The art is also one of the major facilitators of the humour with many wide shots of the zombie horde. These shots have many little gags in the foreground and background which will put a smile on your face.

Plants Vs Zombies #1: Verdict

Overall, Plants Vs Zombies #1 is a fun and enjoyable read. There is plenty of humour in both the art and writing and the characters are interesting. This series would appeal to anyone who enjoyed the game and I would say this is suitable for young readers as well as old.

Where Can I Read It?

The series is available only digitally at the moment on the Dark Horse Comics App but will be available in a hardcover format under the name “Plants vs. Zombies: Lawnmageddon”. The hardcover edition will be available in comic stores on November 6th with out in bookstores  from November 19th.

As for the digital chapters, the first issue is available for free until July 21st, after which it will be 99c. Issue #2 is as available at 99c.

The series then goes on a weekly schedule…

  • Chapter 3 – July 24
  • Chapter 4 – July 31
  • Chapter 5 – August 7
  • Chapter 6 – August 14

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