Let’s Play Cosplay Bingo!

Let’s Play Cosplay Bingo!

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Convention season is well under way and there have already been thousands of cosplayers dressed up in a variety of character costumes. Some are quite obscure, while other characters are almost certain to be represented at any convention you go to. For a little bit of fun, I have devised a game of Cosplay Bingo which is a game you can play throughout the day. Perfect when you are waiting in one of the many queues that occupy conventions.

Cosplay Bingo is quite simple. All you need to do is print out the bingo game card supplied below and and mark off the characters on the grid once you spot a cosplayer dressed up as that particular character. Ideally, you will need to have pen or some other utensil to mark off the grids so you can keep track of which cosplayers you have seen. The game can be played individually or competitively with friends. The winner is the one who can create a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line of 5 spaces in a row first. Alternatively, for a more challenging game the winner could be the one who fills the grid completely.

Convention cosplay bingo preview

Download the PDF version of the bingo card.

One of the advantages that Cosplay Bingo has over the more traditional bingo is that you can be as loud as you like. With that said, enjoy the game!

If you play Cosplay Bingo let me know how it went. You can let me know through Twitter, Facebook or in the comments below.


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